Policy Statement - 73-18 Foreign Study Programs

Minutes 4/6/73
AS (PEP) 73-18


Foreign Study courses are offered by the institution as Summer Session or as Extension classes through the Office of Summer Session or the Office of Continuing Education respectively. Particular programs are described in the Sumer Session schedule or in the Extension schedule and in separate announcements. Each one appears as an offering of the course(s) Foreign Study 100, 200, 300, or 400 (1-0 semester unit s), with the particular departmental sponsorship specified for each class. Credit earned in answer Session offering of the course is credit earned "in residence" (see p.__). Credit earned in an Extension offering of the course is "extension credit" (see p.__). A student may apply no more than 12 units of credit in such Foreign Study courses toward a baccalaureate degree. Such courses may not be used to meet requirements for a major except with the approval of the major department. Foreign Study courses are separate and distinct from International Programs, The California State University and Colleges "Year Abroad," as described on p.__.

Approved by the PEP Council 1/11/73, Minutes approved 2/8/73.

Distributed t o the Academic Senate 2/23/73 and 3/9/73.

Deemed Approved by the Academic Senate 3/9/73.

Approved by the President of the university 4/3/73.