Policy Statement 18-02



This policy statement was recommended by the Academic Senate on 2-15-2018 and approved

by the President on 2-27-2018.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a process for all Unit 3 faculty to write proposals and compete for reassigned time for exceptional levels of service to students that supports the priorities of the California State University (CSU) system and California State University Long Beach’s mission pursuant to Article 20, Section 20.37 of the 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between CSU and the California Faculty Association. As stated in that document, this program is primarily designed to offer reassigned time to “faculty employees who are engaged in exceptional levels of service that support the CSU’s priorities, but who are not otherwise receiving an adjustment in workload to reflect their effort.”


  2. Eligibility

All Unit 3 faculty employees are eligible to submit a proposal to request reassigned time for exceptional levels of service to students.


Faculty who have previously received reassigned time under this program and have not filed a final report on their activities are not eligible to apply again until their final report has been received.


  1. Restrictions

Faculty members already receiving reassigned time for the same general category of activity (e.g., reassigned time for excess enrollments, reassigned time for committee service) shall not be eligible for support from this program.


Reassigned time can only be utilized during the academic year (August—May) during which the activity continues to be performed.


  2. Educational Experience

Applications must demonstrate that the quality of students’ educational experience could not have been maintained without an increase in the faculty member’s workload in the following service categories:


  1. Student mentoring, advising, and outreach, especially as these activities support underserved, first-generation, and/or underrepresented students;
  2. The development and implementation of high-impact educational practices;
  3. Curricular redesign intended to improve student access and success;


  1. Service to the department, college, university, or community that goes significantly beyond the normal expectations of all faculty;
  2. Assignment to courses where increases in enrollment have demonstrably increased workload;
  3. Other extraordinary forms of service to students.


  1. Definitions

For additional information on the definition of “unreasonable” or “excessive” workload see CBA 20.3.



The Academic Senate chair shall send out the award announcement and application form to all Unit 3 employees. An application for reassigned time to support exceptional levels of service to students shall minimally consist of:


  1. A narrative proposal that includes identification of the service category in section 2 and the overall justification of excessive workload;
  2. The chair’s signed acknowledgement of the application and certification that no other assigned time has been given for the proposed activity;
  3. Optional: a memo from the unit chair and/or knowledgeable individual elaborating upon the excessive workload described in the application.


Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.



Applications shall be evaluated by the University Mini-Grant and Summer Stipend (MGSS) Committee, unless determined otherwise by the Academic Senate. The committee shall make recommendations to the provost.



After consultation with the provost, the chair of the review committee will notify awardees, appropriate department chairs, and college deans. Applicants not awarded reassigned time will be notified in a separate communication.


Awardees will work with their department chairs to determine the semester in which the reassigned time is to be taken.


6.0       APPEALS

Applicants may appeal the decision. The Academic Senate’s Executive Committee shall serve as the Appeals Committee. Decisions made by the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding and are not subject to the grievance procedures specified in Article 10 of the CBA.



A Unit 3 employee granted reassigned time under this program shall provide a final report to the provost and the chair of the review committee no later than one semester following the use of reassigned time. The report shall provide evidence that the proposed activities were completed


and the outcomes were as claimed in the original application. Awardees are ineligible to receive further reassigned time from this program unless their reports on previous awards have all been received.


EFFECTIVE: Immediately