Policy Statement - 11-01 Requirements For Additional Baccalaureate Degrees

Requirements For Additional Baccalaureate Degrees

This policy statement supersedes 71-07.

This revised policy was recommended by the Academic Senate on November 18, 2010 and 
approved by the president on December 8, 2010.

A student who obtains admission to CSULB as a classified post-baccalaureate student to pursue an additional baccalaureate degree must then complete:

1. a minimum of 30 units after the award of the most recent degree, 24 of which must be from CSULB while in matriculated status in the degree program or earned as a senior and approved for   post-baccalaureate credit, and

2.  A minimum of 24 upper division units, and

3.   A minimum of 12 units in the major, and

4.  aAny deficiencies in breadth of knowledge equivalent to general education if they have not received a bachelors or  higher degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, and

5.  Fulfillment of the GWAR, and

6.  All of the required courses and units not already completed for the new major as specified by the department, and

7.  At least a 2.0 in each of these four grade point averages based on courses taken after receipt of the first 

A. All units applicable toward a degree, including those accepted by transfer from another institution,

B. All units attempted at CSULB,

C. All units in the major, and

D. All upper-division courses in the major attempted at CSULB.

1     Students admitted to pursue an additional baccalaureate come in as classified post-baccalaureates and are not given undergraduate status anymore.

2     This requirement is stated more fully to bring it in line with what is currently in the catalog and what is required for a first baccalaureate and also to make it clearer that the student must  take the courses as a matriculated student after admission to the degree program.

3    The GE requirement is changed to match the current catalog and allow students to satisfy GE other than by formal course equivalency.

4     Although the GWAR was not in place in 1971, it is now (EO 665).

5    This requirement is restated more completely and correctly.

6    These, apparently new requirements were not in place in 1971 but are now required.  The first three GPAs are from Title 5, 40402; the fourth is from PS 94-01, Undergraduate Grade Point Average Requirements.


EFFECTIVE: Fall 2011