Nominating Committee (NC)


The Nominating Committee shall recommend to the Academic Senate faculty appointments to standing committees, special or ad hoc committees, Associated Students, Inc. organizations, and any other committees when so requested by the Academic Senate.  The Nominating Committee shall recommend nominees for Statewide Academic Senator to the Senate.   The Nominating Committee is also responsible for recommending changes in the structure of Academic Senate committees.

While seeking committee representatives, the Nominating Committee is encouraged to solicit information and advice regarding nominees from individual faculty members, the Academic Senate Chair, Department Chairs, Instructional Deans, appropriate Vice Presidents, and Faculty Councils.  This solicitation is to ensure that the nominees have the appropriate interest, background, and time availability.  The Nominating Committee is also charged with ensuring that the membership of committees shall provide balanced representation of university constituencies and reflect the campus’s commitment to diversity where possible.


  • Two (2) Academic Senators from the College of Liberal Arts
  • One (1) Academic Senator from each of the other Colleges
  • One (1) Academic Senator from the University Library
  • One (1) Academic Senator the Student Services Division
  • One (1)  lecturer Academic Senator

The members of the Nominating Committee shall be nominated and elected by the Academic Senate at its annual organization meeting.  The terms are for one year.