Graduate Studies Advisory Committee


This policy statement was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 12, 2020 and approved by the President on March 13, 2020. 

The charge of the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee (GSAC) is to foster the success of graduate students, improve the quality of graduate programs, and provide support for faculty who teach, advise, and work with graduate students on research and creative activities.  GSAC examines successful practices, recommends policies and procedures to appropriate council or committee, and coordinates initiatives for the improvement of graduate student success. GSAC also serves as a body that reviews any relevant graduate appeals for the Dean of Graduate Studies. Subgroups and initiatives may be developed out of the GSAC or referred by the Academic Senate Executive Committee or the Dean of Graduate Studies on an as-needed basis.   

The GSAC is chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies, and reports to the Academic Senate. 

Membership: 1) One (1) faculty representative (tenured or tenure-track) from each college, elected by the college, with experience as a graduate advisor or coordinator, who shall serve 2 year-terms staggered across colleges;

2) Chair, Academic Senate or designee;

3) Associate Deans or designee responsible for graduate studies from each academic college;

4) Director of the Graduate Studies Resource Center;

5) Dean of Graduate Studies;

6) Director of Graduate Studies;

7) Director of Admissions or designee;

8) University Registrar or designee;

9) Executive Director, Center for International Education or designee;

10) Director of Institutional Research & Assessment or designee;

11) Two (2) staff members with graduate studies responsibilities, designated by the Dean of Graduate Studies;

12) Two (2) graduate student representatives, chosen by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)