Committee on Athletics (COA)


  1. The Committee on Athletics serves the University in three capacities:
    • The Committee shall serve as the primary advisory body to the Academic Senate and University administration on matters related to academic policy and philosophy for Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA). The Committee on Athletics is subordinate to the Academic Senate, and as such, recommendations on academic policy and philosophy, within its purview, shall be presented to the Academic Senate by the Committee. The Director of ICA shall provide the Committee with regular updates on all significant ICA matters.
    • The Committee shall serve as the primary advisory body to the Director of ICA on all University matters related to Intercollegiate Athletics as well as those delegated to the Committee by the Academic Senate.
    • Members of the Committee shall help promote Intercollegiate Athletics throughout the campus community.
  2. The Committee on Athletics' specific functions shall include but not be limited to:
    • Review policies for admission, including policies for athletes who do not meet regular University admission requirements; financial aid, retention, and educational equity;
    • Review academic progress of student athletes, annual Academic Progress Rate (APR), Graduation Success Rate (GSR), Federal Graduation Rates, and academic support programs (tutoring, study halls, etc.);
    • Review ICA academic policies;
    • Review budget and expenditure materials prepared by ICA;
    • Review ICA compliance with federal, state, University, conference and association regulations.
  3. The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate shall assume responsibility for these activities when the Committee on Athletics is not in session.

Membership of the Committee on Athletics

*Director of Athletics
*Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)
*Vice President for Administration and Finance (or designee)
*Vice President for Student Services (or designee)
*Associate Director, Intramural Sports-Club Sports
* President, CSULB Alumni Association (or designee)
*President, Forty-Niner Athletic Association (or designee)
*Director, Bickerstaff Center for Student-Athlete Academic Services (or designee)
NCAA Faculty Representative
Chair, Department of Kinesiology
Eight (8) full-time tenured or probationary faculty members (no more than two from any College) representative of the gender diversity of the University
One (1) lecturer (full or part-time) who shall serve for a period of one year
Four (4) student members, selected by the Associated Students, Inc.
*Non-voting member

Approved by the Academic Senate May 13, 2010.