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Campus Climate Committee (CCC)


The mission of the Campus Climate Committee is to promote mutual acceptance and respect and to celebrate diversity in all its forms.

The charge of the committee includes:

  1. Performing periodic needs assessments of the campus climate;
  2. Recommending specific actions to improve the campus climate to the President via the Academic Senate in a timely fashion as needs are identified;
  3. Monitoring the campus climate and the implementation of recommended actions and reporting at least annually to the President via the Academic Senate; and
  4. Encouraging, endorsing, and participating in University educational programs that promote an increased understanding of equity and diversity issues.

The committee shall consult regularly with various constituencies reflecting the diversity of the campus, such as Disabled Student Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Office of Equity and Diversity, Center for International Education, Faculty Center for Professional Development, Senior University, Interfaith Center, the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Student Resource Center, the Multicultural Center, the Women's Resource Center, Veterans Affairs Services, academic programs and other services/organizations/programs focusing on issues of race, religion, color, ancestry, ethnicity, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, special disabled veterans' status, Vietnam Era or other covered veteran status.


*Director, Equity and Diversity
*University Ombuds
*Director, Multicultural Center

One (1) administrator holding the minimum rank of Associate Vice President, appointed by the President
The Chair of the Academic Senate or a Senator designated by the Chair
Three (3) tenured or tenure-track faculty recommended by the Academic Senate Nominating Committee and elected by the Academic Senate
Two (2) lecturers recommended by the Academic Senate Nominating Committee and elected by the Academic Senate
Three (3) full-time staff members elected by the Staff
Three (3) students, appointed by the President, Associated Students, Inc.
*One (1) CFA representative
*Non-voting members of the committee

Term of Service

Each tenured/tenure-track faculty member and each staff member of the Committee shall serve a three year term. Multi-year terms for the tenured/tenure-track and staff shall be staggered, so that a new person from each constituency begins each year.

Each lecturer shall serve a one year term with the possibility of renewal.

Each student member of the committee shall serve a one year term with the possibility of reappointment.

The representative appointed by CFA and the administrator appointed by the President shall serve a one year term with the possibility of reappointment.

Selection Procedures

The Academic Senate shall identify tenured/tenure-track faculty and lecturers who are interested in serving on the Campus Climate Committee.

The Nominating Committee shall forward the names of three (3) tenured/tenure-track faculty and one (1) alternate and the names of two (2) lecturers and one (1) alternate to the Academic Senate for election.

The staff shall elect three (3) staff members and one alternate to the Campus Climate Committee.

The President of Associated Students, Inc. shall appoint three (3) students as members of the Campus Climate Committee.

Each body responsible for selecting members for the Campus Climate Committee may ask for additional information from people interested in serving on this Committee to assure that campus diversity is represented.


In the event that a tenured/tenure-track position, a lecturer position, a staff position or a student position on the Campus Climate Committee is vacant, the designated alternate shall serve on the Committee for the remaining term of service. If an alternate is not available or is unable to serve, the appropriate body (Academic Senate, Staff, Associated Students, Inc.) shall fill the vacancy.


Each year the Committee shall choose a Chair or Co-Chairs and a Secretary.

Revised 3/24/11