Campus Academic Calendar Committee (CACC)


The Campus Academic Calendar Committee (CACC) shall develop a three-year projected Campus Academic Calendar that meets CSU requirements and, to the extent possible, the needs of the campus community with regard to student academic success and employment opportunities, feeder school academic calendars, campus community activities, holiday observances, and faculty and staffing considerations.

The Campus Academic Calendar Committee (CACC) shall provide input and feedback on all matters pertaining to the Academic Calendar.

In developing an Academic Calendar, the specific responsibilities of the Campus Academic Calendar Committee shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Review and provide feedback on calendar options that comply with Chancellor’s Office System wide Requirements and Academic Calendar Norms and Definitions regarding: minimum/maximum instructional days and academic workdays; year round operation; CSU pay-period certification requirements; CSU Enrollment Planning and Reporting requirements; and the impact on retirement and benefits. The calendar may also include dates, not required by the Chancellor’s Office, but useful to faculty and staff for planning purposes, e.g., grade due dates and summer and winter session dates.
  2. Consult, and obtain feedback from bodies such as the Academic Senate, Associated Students, Inc., Student Services, Staff Council, Athletics Department, Enrollment   Services, College of Continuing and Professional Education and other organizations with recurring campus activities, regarding calendar options.

Suggested Process

  1. CACC reviews draft academic calendar options prepared by the Academic Affairs Support Staff representative in conjunction with the chair of the committee, provides feedback and recommends other viable options.
  2. CACC representatives consult with and solicit suggestions and concerns from their constituents, and share feedback with the CACC.
  3. CACC selects Academic Calendar options, and forwards them to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate by the middle of the spring semester.
  4. The Senate Chair, on behalf of the Executive Committee, forwards the option/s recommended by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate to the President, via the Office of the Provost.

Membership (All voting)

Academic Affairs Senior Administrative representative designated by the Provost;

Three (3) faculty members, each from a different college, including one Chair of a department, serving three year staggered terms;

One (1) faculty member elected annually from the Executive Committee of Academic Senate;

  • AVP, Human Resource Management (or designee);
  • AVP, Enrollment Services (or designee);
  • AVP, Student Services (or designee);
  • President, Associated Students, Inc. (or designee);
  • Director, Athletics (or designee);
  • Academic Affairs Support Staff representative designated by the Provost.

Meetings take place as needed.