Advisory Council on Strategic Enrollment Management

California State University, Long Beach                                                                                                                                                                      Policy Statement 24-11

May 8, 2024



Advisory Council on Strategic Enrollment Management (ACSEM) Charge



(This policy was approved by the CSULB Academic Senate on March 7th, 2024, and approved by the President on April 23, 2024.)


The Advisory Council on Strategic Enrollment Management shall serve as the primary shared-governance advisory body to the University on matters associated with Strategic Enrollment Management.


The Advisory Council shall review, evaluate, set priorities where appropriate, and make recommendations on strategic enrollment matters. Such matters include, but are not limited to, strategic recruitment, optimal enrollments, admissions policies reflective of our values, optimal size and rate of growth of student enrollment, strengthening the retention of students, and other strategic support functions.

Significant proposed policy changes affecting these areas shall be presented to ACSEM for consultation before implementation.



The ACSEM shall consist of the following voting members:

  • One tenured or tenure-track faculty member from each College (including University Library) appointed by the Nominating Committee of the Academic Senate with the approval of the Academic Senate (staggered three-year terms)
  • Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Vice Provost for Academic Planning
  • Dean of College of Professional and Continuing Education (or designee)
  • Associate Vice President for Budget and Administration
  • Associate Vice President, International Education and Global Engagement
  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies
  • Assistant Vice President, Admissions & Enrollment Management
  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
  • Assistant Vice President for University Access & Retention
  • Chair of Academic Senate
  • Executive Director of Institutional Research
  • One (1) full-time staff member, elected by Staff Council
  • Three (3) department chairs elected by the Council of Chairs
  • One (1) staff undergraduate advisor elected by the full body of staff advisors
  • One (1) college graduate director or advisor
  • Two (2) student members, selected by the Associated Students, Inc.
  • Two (2) local tier 1 school district representatives appointed by the President
  • Two (2) local community college representatives appointed by the President

Effective: Fall 2024