2022 CSU Student Research Competition Winners

This year’s 36th Annual CSU Student Research Competition was hosted virtually by San Francisco State University on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30, 2022. This year 182 projects were submitted, and 221 students presented, with 44 winning projects from 19 different CSUs. We would like thank students for taking part in the CSU-wide Student Research Competition (CSU SRC). Congratulations to the 2022 California State University, Long Beach Student Research Competition Award Winners!

CSU Student Research Competition Winners

Emma Siegfried

Emma Siegfried (1st Place)

Category: Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Title: Effects of Ocean Acidification and Food Availability on Morality Rates of California Grunion (Leuresthes tenuis)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Darren Johnson

Vaishalee Chaudhary image

Vaishalee Chaudhary (2nd Place)

Category: Humanities, Arts and Letters

Title: Postcolonial Development of Jury Trials: The Spread of Common Law Across the Globe

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Walters

Makena Pollon image

Makena Pollon (2nd Place)

Category: Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences

Title: The Significance of Nationwide COVID-19 Pandemic Data and Individual Factors During the Alpha Variant on Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in the U.S. Adult Population

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Erlyana Erlyana, Dr. Yang Lu