Mission Statement

The Bickerstaff Academic Center for Student-Athlete Services is committed to assisting all NCAA student-athletes in maintaining the academic standards necessary for NCAA eligibility, graduation, and achieving their overall educational goals.

Based on this mission statement, BAC Team have developed the following goals:

Serve as the central source of academic advising to CSULB’s NCAA student-athlete population. In support of this goal the BAC will:

  • Assist student-athletes’ with identifying and clarifying their educational and vocational goals
  • Provide valid interpretations of academic requirements for persistence to graduation on a semester-by-semester basis
  • Provide valid interpretations of NCAA progress towards degree rules on a semester-by-semester basis

Provide and coordinate academic support services and programs for student-athletes. In support of this goal the BAC will:

  • Assess and determine the academic support needs of student-athletes
  • Develop in-house academic support assistance and programs for use by student-athletes (e.g. study hall, tutoring, academic mentoring, transitional programs)
  • Coordinate referrals to and student-athlete usage of campus-wide academic resources (e.g. Learning Assistance Center, Career Development Center, Writer Resource Lab, Disabled Student Support Services)

Provide major and career information that leads to an appropriate choice of major and relevant career options depending on interest, aptitude, and commitment. In support of this goal the BAC will:

  • Assist student-athletes in developing the decision-making skills necessary for planning their educational and occupational paths, including choice of major, degree direction, and career path.
  • Collaborate with the Career Development Center to assist student-athletes with issues such as freshmen declaration of majors, resume writing, interviewing skills, and navigating the job search.
  • Provide student-athletes with information regarding advanced degree and credential programs, internships, and other opportunities to obtain additional education and experience relevant to their career paths.