Academic Advising

We serve as the central source of academic advising to CSULB’s NCAA student-athletes. We offer the following services and programs: 

New student-athlete orientation is done in conjunction with the university’s Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program. You will be introduced to the many resources and services available at CSULB through SOAR and then you will go to the BAC for individualized assistance with registering for courses.

All student-athletes – whether they are freshmen or seniors – are required to meet with their academic counselor prior to registration. During your advising appointment, academic counselors will assist you with complete degree program planning, including:

  • Assistance in identifying and clarifying your educational and vocational goals;
  • Major and career planning;
  • Course sequencing and selection;
  • Assistance in interpreting NCAA academic rules of eligibility;
  • Overall assistance with university regulations and baccalaureate degree requirements, and,
  • Interpreting university degree audits.

Student-athletes are provided early registration to ensure classes do not conflict with practice sessions or intercollegiate events and to enable them to maintain NCAA progress toward degree completion.