Backstage At The Beach


This page is designed to help guide you through the backstage crew process here at CSULB as well as keep everyone in the loop on what's happening in and around the Theatre Arts Department.


For those who need to fill out a Spring 2024 activity unit form - please follow the link here:


Important Dates for Spring Mainstage Productions (Full schedules are posted on the callboards):

Frantic Assembly: 1st Rehearsal - Monday, January 15th (BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS), 10am - 5pm

Preview: Thursday, February 1st

Runs - Friday, February 2nd - Saturday, February 3rd; Wednesday, February 7th - Saturday, February 10th


Our Dear Dead Drug Lord: 1st Rehearsal - Tuesday, January 16th (BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS), 11am - 3pm;

Previews: Wednesday, March 13th & Thursday, March 14th 

Runs - Friday, March 15th - Saturday, March 16th; Wednesday, March 20th - Saturday, March 23rd


Ride the Cyclone: 1st Rehearsal - Monday, March 4th

Previews: Wednesday, April 24th & Thursday, April 25th

Runs - Friday, April 26th - Saturday, April 27th; Wednesday, May 1st - Saturday, May 4th


Other Production Opportunities available too!  Theatre Threshold will be producing the entire semester so there are numerous opportunities to get involved this semester.   Crew sign-ups will be available on Tuesday, January 16th at 12:00pm

Basic Crewing Information for here at CSULB

Being a part of a crew on one of the productions here at CSULB is a huge learning experience.  You'll learn basic skills in your area as well as how to support your peers on the stage from behind the curtain as a team!  Below is information to help answer your questions, feel free to contact a member of the production team if you have further questions.

1)  Sign-up sheets are located electronically through Sign Up Genius. Links available on the crew opportunities page.

2)  Next, you must enroll in an Activity Unit from the list of Theatre Arts classes.  Activity Unit classes are listed as 140, 240, 340, 440.  Our backstage crews should enroll in a _40 course, we try and keep the cast members in the _10A/B courses.  Once you have officially enrolled in the activity unit course, please proceed to the next step.

3)  Once you sign up for a specific crew and you have officially enrolled in an Activity Unit course, you will need to fill out the activity form.  Click the button at the top of this section to take you there.

4)  From here, your contact information will be added to the show's contact sheet and a stage manager will contact you before you are called in for the production's Crew Watch.  You can find the performance calendar for each show on the Current Season page of this website as a reference in case of work conflicts.

Please note - you will be graded on your performance as a crew member for our productions.  Breakdown of credit earned, and specifics will be provided once officially enrolled in the activity unit.