Theatre Threshold

Mission Statement 

"We are committed to supporting the creation of theatrical works by student artists while contributing to their academic and professional advancement. We provide valuable opportunities in all areas of theatre, including artistic composition, technical design, and production administration, in a safe and educational environment."

About Threshold

Theatre Threshold is a professionally modeled production company managed by an undergraduate student executive board from all backgrounds of Theatre Arts, overseen by a Faculty Advisor. Housed in the intimate Players Theatre, the company produces an entire season of admission-free one-act performances selected from student pitches. Undergraduate students engage as participants who direct, design, perform, manage, and crew the productions. Theatre Threshold provides a space for the practical application of classroom knowledge. Threshold divides the academic year into two seasons: Fall and Spring. Show Proposals and Auditions are held once per season. Participants from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome to apply or audition.

Upcoming Events:

  • Check back for the Fall 2024 lineup

Past Events, Spring 2024:

  • Second Friday Join Theatre Threshold for our Spring 2024 Season Announcement! Meet our Executive Board and find out all the important dates and information. 02/02 at 12:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Welcome to Threshold! / E-Board Info Meeting
    What is Theatre Threshold and how can you be involved? Learn about available positions on our Executive Board for the 2024-2025 academic year.
    02/09 at 12:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Spring 2024 Designer Workshops
    Are you designing a Threshold production this season? Join the Threshold Executive Board and we discuss available resources, procedures, and the various roles that Designers, Directors, and Stage Managers play in our production process. 
    02/16 at 12:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Safety Training
    Theatre Arts Department Staff along with Theatre Threshold will review Department/University safety policies. ALL participants of a Threshold production must attend.
    02/23 at 12:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Fresh Ink
    Presenting the work of Fall 2023's THEA 380 course. Join Theatre Threshold for an afternoon of staged readings from Spring 2024's THEA 316 students. 
    02/22 at 6:00p and 02/23 at 3:00p in the Player's Theatre
  • spring cleaning 
    Directed by: Lars Toler
    Assistant Directed by: Olivia Steele
    Synopsis: As Spencer begins the treacherous journey of cleaning their room, they reflect on figures from their past and the people around them. Who can and can't we control? Does caring mean anything beyond words? Anxiety. Depression. Puppets.
    Performances: 02/29 at 6:00p, 03/01 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Mission: Accomplished
    Directed by: Erica Stevenson
    Assistant Directed by: Cagan Yildiz
    Synopsis: Led by a secret agent, an IMF team races against the clock to save the world from inevitable obliteration at the hands of a villain. An adrenaline-fueled, high-stakes action-adventure live on stage, intertwined with themes of heavy emotion and morality. How far is the agent willing to go when his team’s lives are directly threatened?
    Performances: 03/07 at 6:00p, 03/08 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Cereal Killer
    Written by: Art Alvarez
    Directed by: Isaiah Morrow
    Assistant Directed by: Weylin Terzoli
    Synopsis: After being repeatedly terrorized and humiliated by his landlord, Jarrol seeks comfort and help from a mini-mart clerk named Tink to help ease and ultimately end his torment. Hijinks ensue and culminate in an epic battle of good vs. evil.
    Performances: 03/14 at 6:00p, 03/15 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • The Jukebox Musical: The Musical
    Written by: Daniel Geschke and Lucy Brown
    Directed by: Emily Boom
    Assistant Directed by: Eden Summer
    Synopsis: Friendship, betrayal, love, and Love. When introducing her new girlfriend to her friend group, Angel’s life is unexpectedly struck by tragedy. In this satirical musical, friends must band together to solve the crime save their friendships and even their very lives.
    Performances: 03/21 at 6:00p, 03/22 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • No.
    Directed by: Jessica York
    Assistant Directed by: Aya Sherian
    Synopsis: As a writer struggles to pen the perfect line, we watch the characters onstage restart over and over as the pages are scrapped, lines are erased, and the “perfect conversation” struggles to be had.
    Performances: 03/28 at 6:00p, 03/29 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Showcase #06
    Directed by: Alisha Sweeting
    Assistant Directed by: Vy Pham
    Synopsis: Watch the March sisters grow up and fall in and out of love. But ultimately, watch as they keep falling in love with each other as sisters.
    Performances: 04/11 at 6:00p, 04/12 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Perfect for You
    Directed by: Art Alvarez and Alyssa Curiel
    Synopsis: A mother struggles with worsening bipolar disorder and the effects her illness has on her family.
    Performances: 04/18 at 6:00p, 04/19 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Charming as the Knight
    Written by: Sonny Mendez
    Directed by: Anne Castañeda
    Assistant Directed by: Bianca Bates
    Synopsis: After Prince Adelio's 5th attempt at finding a bride at the Kingdom Ball, his father, the king, forces him into an arranged marriage. Begging his father to give him one last chance to find his bride, the king sends him on a seven-day quest to find a bride of his choosing, all while being protected and accompanied by a charming knight. Through trial and tribulation, the prince finds the love he longed for, just not in a bride.
    Performances: 04/25 at 6:00p, 04/26 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • Bottoms and Bones: A Heterosexual Horror
    Written by: Elaina Loza
    Directed by: Susan Gasparyan
    Assistant Directed by: Devin Addiego
    Synopsis: Football player Brad Bottoms and cheerleader Brittany Bones are MVHS’ most perfect, straightest couple, and their love is to die for! … or kill for. In this campy slasher, a mysterious Spooky Book is found, and Brad and Brittany’s classmates start being killed off. They team up with goth Lydia and stoner Roger to get to the bottom of it, and along the way, they make some queer discoveries.
    Performances: 05/02 at 6:00p, 05/03 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre
  • New Play Festival 2024
    Written by: THEA 480 students
    Directed by: THEA 375 students
    Performed by: THEA 316 students
    Synopsis: Theatre Threshold presents... the cumulative works of THEA 316, THEA 375, and THEA 480 in a production of 10-minute plays.
    Performances: 05/08 at 6:00p, 05/09 at 6:00p, 05/10 at 12:00p and 3:00p in the Players Theatre

Thursdays at 6PM, Fridays at 12PM and 3PM

The Players Theatre
Theatre Arts Building, First Floor, Room 131

Theatre Threshold Fall 2024 Key Dates

Please check back for information at a later date.


Applications for Theatre Threshold's Executive Board* for 2024-2025 are now closed. Thank you to all who applied.
*Theatre Threshold Executive Board is the new title for Theatre Threshold Staff (we're rebranding!)

Executive Board Application

Important Dates

Tentative Training Period: February 23, 2024 to May 10, 2024
Term: May 20, 2024 to May 09, 2025

Available Positions
  • Managing Director (1 available)
  • Artistic Director (1 available)
  • Head of Production (1 available)
  • Production Manager (2-3 available)
  • Technical Director (1-3 available)
  • Lighting Coordinator (1 available)
  • Scenic & Props Coordinator (1 available)
  • Audio & Video Coordinator (1 available)
  • Marketing Director (2 available)
  • Production Photographer (1 available)
  • House Manager (2 available)
  • Financial Coordinator (1 available)
More Information

All Theatre Threshold Executive Board members are eligible to claim 1 (one) Activity/Crew Unit per semester.


All undergraduate students meeting the required prerequisites are encouraged to apply. Graduate students and non-CSULB students are not eligible for application.

All applicants must be enrolled for the duration of the 2024-2025 Academic Year.