B.A. in Theatre Arts


The Department of Theatre Arts offers a B.A. in Theatre Arts with three options: a versatile Theatre Arts B.A., and focused options in Technical Theatre: Scenic/Costume/Lighting Design and Performance: Acting. Each B.A. degree program offers exposure across a broad range of highly transferable skills in the dramatic arts supporting future employment in theatre, film and television, education, live entertainment, and events. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts provides opportunities to gain exposure and expertise across a broad range of highly transferable skills in the dramatic arts. The curriculum includes study in traditional and contemporary areas including Acting, Technical and Design Crafts, Theatre History, Literature and Criticism, Directing, and Playwriting.
Students have opportunities to direct, design, act, and assist in all areas with the student-run Theatre Threshold, and the professionally-modeled California Repertory Company.



Our general students get the opportunity to work with a diverse group of talented professionals in all areas of theatre who work nationally and internationally. We have worked hard to cultivate specialists in Acting, Design, Movement, Directing, Voice, Theatre History, Stage Management, and Theatre Management.

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We strongly believe that the learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. That is why we strive to provide and cultivate as many opportunities as possible for our students to continue their education in a hands-on way. General Majors and Minors may partake in all the same extracurricular opportunities as the Majors focusing on performance or design.

For curriculum information, please refer to the CSULB Catalog.