Current Season Opportunities

Spring 2024 Studio Theatre Season:

(these are general chunks of time - specific calendars for each crew are linked below!)

Frantic Assembly 

Tech Dates: Tuesday, January 23rd - Friday, January 26th (PLEASE NOTE - Tech is 10am - 5pm), Wednesday, January 31st (6p-10p)

Performance Dates:  February 1st - February 3rd; February 7th - February 10th


Our Dear Dead Drug Lord

Tech Dates: Thursday, February 29th; March 8th - March 9th; March 11th - March 12th

Performance Dates: Wednesday, March 13th - Saturday, March 16th; Wednesday, March 20th - Saturday, March 23rd (close on matinee) 


Ride the Cyclone

Tech Dates:  Thursday, April 11th; April 19th; April 21st - April 23rd 

Performance Dates:  Wednesday, April 24th - Saturday, April 27th; Wednesday, May 1st - Saturday, May 4th (close on matinee)


Hang & Focus Crew Option

Please look at the shared calendars linked below for the Hang & Focus dates.  This crew works on specific Fridays and Saturdays throughout the semester. No conflicts for any dates.


Spring 2024 Crew Sign Ups - Will go live/Links active on Tuesday, January 16th at Noon!

Signing up for a production crew is on a first come first serve basis.  To sign up for a crew:

1)  Crew schedules are linked here to a shared OneDrive folder. They will be broken down by type of crew and then color coded by each show.

2)  Consult your schedule to make sure you have ZERO conflicts for the crew you’re interested in.

3)  Click here once you are ready to sign up, will take you to a Sign Up Genius page. Putting your name on the sign-up sheet means you have already checked your conflicts and you’re good to go!

You’ll then be contacted by the production manager to confirm your selection and give you an “approved/not approved” response. 


If approved:

1) Add a crew activity unit to your school schedule (THEA 140/240/340/440). 

2) You'll click a link to  fill out the activity unit form to let us know which unit you added to your schedule and which crew you were approved for.

3) A stage manager will then contact you later in the semester to remind you of your 1st call date to the theatre.


If not approved, you’ll either need to find a different crew that works with your schedule or wait until a later semester to fit it in.

There are other opportunities in the department to earn crew activity units.  Every production (both Mainstage & Threshold) needs assistant designers, assistant stage managers, production assistants, assistant directors, house management & usher support, light hang & focus teams, scenic/lighting/costume shop support, etc.  If these are of interest to you, please reach out to the Production Manager so you can be assigned to one of these slots. AGAIN, it is a first come first serve basis and if you have a ton of conflicts, there is no guarantee that we will have something that works with your schedule.