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Current Scholars

CSULB McNair Scholars

image of jessica crisantes

Jessica Crisantes
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Research Title: Payload Stabilization and Pointing for an All-Rotating Aerial Vehicle
Faculty Mentor: Praveen Shankar, Ph.D.


image of kylie foster

Kylie Foster
Major: Psychology
Research Title: Responses to Ethanol in Male and Female rats
Faculty Mentor: Yada Treesukosol, Ph.D

image of hailey fulcomer

Hailey Fulcomer
Major: International Studies & German
Research Title: Passport to Personhood: Subjectivity and State Documents in Christa Wolf’s City of Angels 
Faculty Mentor: Robert Blankenship, Ph.D.

image of rebeca griego

Rebeca Griego  
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Research Title: Research & Development: Powder Bed 3D Printer 
Faculty Mentor: Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh, Ph.D.

image of  gisselle moreno

Gisselle Moreno  
Major: Dietetics Food Adm Nutrition
Research Title: Morningness/Eveningnes, Diet and Adiposity in Latino Children
Faculty Mentor: Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

image of mark ortiz-payne

Mark Ortiz-Payne   
Major: Psychology
Research Title: Fandoms as Community Spaces and Sites for Collaborative Expression of Identity Among LGBTQ+ Individuals 
Faculty Mentor: Danielle Kohfeldt, Ph.D.

image of david ramirez

David Ramirez   
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Research Title: Influence of HTPB Variants on the Wettability of  Ammonium Perchlorate
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Kalman, Ph.D. 

image of alexi reed

Alexi Reed   
Major: Chemical Engineering
Research Title: Collagen-Based Scaffolds for Muscle Regeneration​
Faculty Mentor: Perla Ayala, Ph.D.

image of glennys rubio

Glennys Rubio
Major: Dietetics Food Adm Nutrition
Research Title: A Literary Analysis of Pediatric Practices around Nutrition in Primary Care
Faculty Mentor: Virginia Gray, Ph.D.

image of jessica valencia

Jessica Valencia Alvarado
Major: Pure Mathematics
Research Title: Predatory Lending in Low-income Latinx Communities 
Faculty Mentor: Alfredo Carlos Marquez, Ph.D.

image of taryn williams

Taryn Williams 
Major: Supply Chain Management 
Research Title: Multiple Regression Analysis of Predictive Factors Leading to Increased Overdose Rates in America 
Faculty Mentor:  Rebecca Nash, Ph.D.