Parent & Family

Fraternity and Sororities at the BEACH

By joining a fraternity or sorority your student will be joining hundreds of others CSULB in search of leadership opportunity, community involvement, academic success, and life-long friendship. Thank you for taking the time to research what the fraternity/sorority experience will offer your student.

As parents and family members, you may have many questions concerning your student's involvement in a fraternity or sorority. Once your student is a member of a fraternity/sorority, there are many opportunities for you to share in this aspect of their college life. Almost all of the chapters on campus host events such as special mother/father functions for you to get more acquainted with their organization and experience.

Benefits of Fraternity & Sorority Membership

Fraternity and sorority members will have a group of supportive friends to help them make the adjustment to college and be their friends for the rest of their lives. They will be offered scholastic resources to help them achieve their academic goals. As a part of campus life, members are encouraged to get involved both in the campus community and in the community-at-large to exercise their full potential, including the development of leadership skills and opportunities to practice those skills. Most importantly, members will be exposed to career opportunities through interaction with fraternity and sorority alumni.