Fraternity & Sorority Life Housing

Some of CSULB's fraternities and sororities privately own and operate affordable housing off of campus property.

Fraternity and sororities are managed and maintained by established housing corporations that own the properties and take care for major upkeep and repairs.

Fraternity and sorority housing cost varies among organization. Each organization has fees to live at the house.

Average Cost of Living

Semester Payment
  Sorority Fraternity 
Average $4370 $6000
High $7229 $9000
Low $4100 $4500

* Disclaimer: Please remember that fraternity and sorority housing is not owned, controlled, managed, screened or inspected by CSULB. 

Fraternity and Sorority Coexistence

How to Peacefully Coexist with Your Fraternity and Sorority Neighbors

  1. Introduce yourself to the chapter president(s). Ask for a phone number for contact purposes. Offer your phone number and/or email address. Share with the president any important concerns: number of children in family, neighbors with special needs and other considerations.
  2. Introduce yourself and your family to as many of the students as possible. Repeat your name several times so that the students will learn it (and do you want them to call you Mr./Mrs. or Ward/June?).
  3. Learn as many names of the students as possible. Engage them in brief conversations when possible. Ask them questions. Share with them information about the neighborhood.
  4. Organize a neighborhood meeting and invite members of the fraternities and sororities to participate.
  5. Organize a neighborhood activity, and invite the student residents to participate.
  6. If you are extended an invitation to attend a function at the fraternity or sorority house, make the effort to attend.
  7. If you have children, let the fraternity or sorority know what your expectations are about interactions and activities. Some fraternity and sorority members are seeking interaction with children because of their majors and career aspirations. Some members are seeking interaction with children because they like them. Let the members know what is appropriate and inappropriate.
  8. If you are planning an activity that might be intrusive to the neighborhood (increased level of noise, foot traffic, automobiles and parking concerns, etc.), please inform all the neighbors at least a week before the event. Discuss any concerns and reasonable alternatives.
  9. If you have concerns about a function or activity at the fraternity or sorority house, take the concern directly to the chapter president or a chapter officer. Discuss your concerns with them, and give them an opportunity to remedy the situation before asking a third party to intervene.
  10. Take advantage of opportunities to be pro-active with your neighbors. Discuss concerns before they happen. Make the students feel welcomed. Be a role model for the students by modeling the behaviors of a good neighbor.
  11. Repeat these efforts each year, as the fraternity and sorority membership and leadership changes each year.