UndocuAlly Training

The UndocuAlly Training was developed in an effort to support retention and graduation for CSULB's undocumented students. CSULB faculty and staff are invited to attend an UndocuAlly Training to increase their knowledge and skills to support undocumented students at CSULB.

UndocuAlly Training: We invite those who are interested in becoming allies of undocumented students to attend an UndocuAlly Training. This training will feature topics such as: immigration history, federal and state laws and policies, financial aid, a student panel, and what it means to be an undocumented ally.

Literacy Training: We offer Literacy Training for those who are interested in learning about state and federal policies, financial aid options that impact undocumented students without committing to becoming an ally.

We can tailor a training to your specific needs and questions. If you would like to request a training for your office or department please contact us.

Look for the UndocuAlly Symbol to Find a Safe Space & Support Services on Campus


Last Name First Name Emails  Department
Zentgraf Kris Kris.Zentgraf@csulb.edu Sociology Department
Fouratt Caitlin Caitlin.Fouratt@csulb.edu International Studies 
Marrujo Carolina C.Marrujo@csulb.edu College Assistance Migrant Program
Covarrubias Karen Karen.Covarrubias@csulb.edu High School Equivalency Program
Pulido Brenda Brenda.PulidoVillanueva@csulb.edu University Honors Program
Hernandez Gabriela   Anthropology
Perez Huber Lindsay Lindsay.PerezHuber@csulb.edu Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling
O'Connor Daniel Daniel.OConnor@csulb.edu College of Arts and Letters
Reyes Jorge Jorge.Reyes@csulb.edu Records Evaluator
Trimm Alex   Associated Student Inc (ASI)
Word Kimberly Kimberly.Word@csulb.edu Educational Leadership Department
Albright Kimberly Kimberly.Albright@csulb.edu University Ombuds
Bledsoe Liza Liza.Bledsoe@csulb.edu College of Engineering
Corona-Nieto Irma Irma.Corona-Nieto@csulb.edu EOP
Crumble Cheryl Cheryl.Crumble@csulb.edu Guardian Scholars EOP
Gudelman Zoraya Zoraya.G@csulb.edu College of Continuing & Program Education
Hamm Deborah Deborah.Hamm@csulb.edu CA Faculty Association (CFA)
Heidbrink Lauren Lauren.Heidbrink@csulb.edu Human Development
Kim Ann   Communication Studies/College of Liberal Arts
Levy Michelle Michelle.Levy@csulb.edu Graduate Business, Career Development Center
Saavedra Cynthia Cynthia.Saavedra@csulb.edu University Relations and Development
Sutera Tina Tina.Sutera@csulb.edu Disabled Student Services
Hawk Angela Angela.Hawk@csulb.edu History
Avalos Alejandra   Educational Opportunity Program
Carlos Daniel Daniel.Carlos@csulb.edu  Career Development Center
Freesemann Keith Keith.Freesemann@csulb.edu University Ombuds
Grutzmacher Carol  Carol.Grutzmacher@csulb.edu College of Business Administration
Klaus  Evelyn Evelyn.Klaus@csulb.edu Dream Success Center
Lopez Emely Emely.Lopez-SA@csulb.edu College of Education Senator
Lopez Brenda Brenda.Lopez@csulb.edu Student Support Services Program
Rosas Abigail Abigail.Rosas@csulb.edu Chicano and Latino Studies
Acevedo Rivera Jeannette Jeannette.AcevedoRivera@csulb.edu Romance/German/Russian Lang Lit
Aranda Luis Luis.Aranda@csulb.edu Bridging the Gap, College of Ed
Arevalo Raquel Raquel.Arevalo@csulb.edu Administrative Analyst, SOAR
Bergeron Leeanne Leeanne.Bergeron@csulb.edu Undergraduate Studies & Academic Advising
Bose Piya Piya.Bose@csulb.edu Student Affairs
Bryant Patience Patience.Bryant@csulb.edu Student Affairs
Castro  Sara   Graduate Studies Resource Center
Corona Monique Monique.Corona@csulb.edu University Center for Undergraduate Studies
Diulio Sara Sara.Diulio@csulb.edu Enrollment Services
Duffis Carole Carole.Duffis@csulb.edu College of Natural Science
Fay Shayleen Shayleen.Fay@csulb.edu College of Business & Administration
Forrest Laura Laura.Forrest@csulb.edu Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling
Garcia Lizbeth Lizbeth.Garcia@csulb.edu Liberal Studies, College of Education
Guzic Elizabeth Elizabeth.Guzik@csulb.edu English Department
Guzman Tammy Tammy.Guzman@csulb.edu>;  International Studies, CCPE/CIE
Jensen Lauren Lauren.Jensen@csulb.edu Counseling and Psychological Services
Klima Kerry Kerry.Klima@csulb.edu DSA Assessment and Evaluation
Martinez Delia Delia.Martinez@csulb.edu College of Continuing & Professional Education
Martinez Jose Jose.Martinez@csulb.edu Graduate Studies Resource Center
Munoz-Duran Sonia Sonia.Munoz-Duran@csulb.edu Senior Academic Advisor, University Center for Undergraduate Advising
Murphy Chantrey (CJ) CJ.Murphy@csulb.edu Sociology-CLA
Nazarian-Peters Anna Anna.Nazarian@csulb.edu Student Life and Development
Nin Jorge Jorge.Nin@csulb.edu  EOP
Ortiz Yadira Yadi.Ortiz@csulb.edu DSC
Patricio Lori Joy LoriJoy.Patricio@csulb.edu Learning Center Assistant
Perez Manuel Manuel.Perez@csulb.edu Career Development
Perkins Jared Jared.Perkins@csulb.edu Political Science/CLA
Portnoi Laura Laura.Portnoi@csulb.edu Education and Counseling
Romero Lorena Lorena.Romero@csulb.edu EOP
Rosas  Abigail Abigail.Rosas@csulb.edu Chicano & Latino Studies
Santos  Sonia Sonia.Santos@csulb.edu College of Natural Science & Math
Scarborough  Kimberly Kimberly.Scarborough@csulb.edu Records/Enrollment Services
Sterk Lindsay Lindsay.Sterk@csulb.edu Graduate Studies Office/College of Ed
Suarez Daniela Daniela.Suarez@csulb.edu Romance/German/Russian Languages & Literature
Kalliomaa Timothy Tim.Kalliomaa@csulb.edu CNSM Academic Advising
Troncoso Jessica Jessica.Troncoso@csulb.edu College of Ed, Dean's Office
Vega William William.Vega@csulb.edu Educational Leadership
Yessaian Alin Alin.Yessaian@csulb.edu Learning Assistance Center, Academic Affairs
Carlos Alfredo Alfredo.Carlos@csulb.edu Department of Political Science & Chicano & Latino Studies
Mejia Melissa    
Gazdik Kristin Kristin.Gazdik@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Fish Lisa Lisa.Fish@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Wiedman Rachel Rachel.Wiedemann@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Gage Kari Kari.Gage@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Medvec Jessica Jessica.Medvec@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Martinez Diana Diana.Martinez@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Aquino Jef  Jef.Aquino@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Chavez Jessica Jessica.Chavez@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Piloyan Tanya Tanya.Piloyan@csulb.edu Academic Advising Center CHHS
Velasco Sarah   Psychology
Logan Christina   Psychology
Phann Sambath Sambath.Phann@csulb.edu  HSI Caminos Project
Shih Kristy Kristy.Shih@csulb.edu Human Development
Haas Liesl Liesl.Haas@csulb.edu Political Science
Mejia Celia Celia.Mejia@csulb.edu Student Life and Development (SLD)
Miller Jennifer Jennifer.Miller@csulb.edu Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Mizelle Brett Brett.Mizelle@csulb.edu History
Phann Sambath Sambath.Phann@csulb.edu HSI Caminos Project
Rousso-Sindler Steven Steven.Rousso-Schindler@csulb.edu Anthropology
Sanchez Ryan Ryan.Sanchez@csulb.edu University Center for Undergrad Advising
Schneider Christina Christina.Schneider@csulb.edu Biological Sciences
Smith Giovanni Giovanni.Smith@csulb.edu University Outreach and School Relations
Underwood Dessie Dessie.Underwood@csulb.edu Biological Sciences
Varela Carmen Carmen.Varela@csulb.edu Disables Student Services
Andrade Alicia Alicia.Andrade@csulb.edu Financial Aid
Arevalo Sandra Sandra.Arevalo@csulb.edu Human Development
Barajas Vanessa Vanessa.Barajas@csulb.edu Housing and Residential Life (HRL)
Chmiel Lina Lina.Chmiel@csulb.edu Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS
Foraste Douglas Douglas.Foraste@csulb.edu Californa Faculty Association/Comparative World Literature & Classics
Falco Rachel Rachel.Falco@csulb.edu Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Hernandez Yesenia Yesenia.Hernandez@csulb.edu Education, College of (CED)
Hutchcroft Kristen  Kristen.Hutchcroft@csulb.edu Student Health Services
Jimenenz David David.Jimenez@csulb.edu Financial Aid
Kim Tanya Tanya.Kim@csulb.edu University Center for Undergrad Advising
Lindau Elizabeth Elizabeth.Lindau@csulb.edu Music
Luna Manny Emmanuel.Luna@csulb.edu Financial Aid
Matthews Nancy Nancy.Matthews@csulb.edu Recreation & Leisure Studies