Student Resources

Here you will find further information on relevant policy, financial aid, support services, and resources. We hope to provide helpful information to our undocumented students, prospective students, and community. If you are unable to find the information you need, please contact us at or (562) 985-5869.

A Note for Parents and Families

Parents and families play a key role in their children's educational success. Staying up-to-date on legislation and policies is key to supporting student success, and this is especially true for undocumented students. For a concise source of information relevant to undocumented students, please see This site is a great resource for information on AB 540, AB 130, AB 131, Deferred Action, and much more. The information is also available in Spanish.


Student Organization-For Undocumented Empowered Leaders (FUEL)

The mission of For Undocumented Empowered Leaders (FUEL) is to advocate, educate, and empower the undocumented community at Cal State Long Beach. FUEL advocates for the rights of undocumented students at CSULB through rallies, forums, and workshops. They also educate the undocumented community about resources available to them. But most of all, FUEL supports the undocumented community in any way they can - whether that's providing a safe space to share their stories, get them connected to allies on campus, or just spending time hanging out. FUEL's objective is to make sure the undocumented community succeeds here at CSULB.

Updates dates and times for FUEL's can be found on their Instagram page. You can contact FUEL anytime through their Facebook page or through email at


Commissioner for AB540 & Undocumented Students

Position Overview:

  • The Commissioner for AB540 & Undocumented Students works to increase awareness of undocumented students and ensure their well-being among the Associated Students and the campus community. Serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet advising on matters of concern or interest to AB540 & undocumented students.

What does this position do?

  • Carries out the vision and goals of the ASI President.
  • Represents and promotes awareness of AB540 & Undocumented Students on behalf of the ASI President.
  • Works with the University and Director of the Dream Success Center to help maintain a Center for the campus
  • Promotes and assists with the AB540 & Undocumented Students Ally training
  • Assists LSU with the planning of the Undocu 5K
  • Coordinates Respect Diversity Week with Beach Pride Events
  • Be an active member of FUEL
  • Hold regular support groups with CAPS where students can share their experiences and needs.
  • Promote the legal services of CARECEN on campus, and assist with their programming
  • Collaborate with on and off campus organizations to hold immigration legal clinics for students and community.
  • Advocates for and expand resources throughout campus. Promote awareness of this community in places with the least visibility (ex. STEM departments)
  • Advocates for policy change on and off campus to help advance undocumented students.
  • Helps to increase the visibility of this population with the assistance of the Dream Success Center.
  • Serves on ASI scholarship review committees as needed.
  • Coordinates programs in collaboration with the Dream Success Center, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Beach Pride Events or student organizations centered around the advancement of undocumented students to create awareness and support.

What is the typical time commitment per week?

  • About 7-10 hours per week, which includes time spent in meetings.

What are the preferred skills & abilities?

  • Time management, public speaking, organization, ability to interact positively and build effective working relationships with diverse populations of students, faculty, staff, and campus administrators, ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy, general knowledge of resources and organizations that can assist AB540 and undocumented students, well-versed in current immigration political climate.

Does this position receive a scholarship?

  • Yes, the scholarship amount is dependent upon the approved ASI Operating Budget for the year.

How do I apply?


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Readers of this website should contact their attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter. You can get more information on how to make an appointment with legal counsel here: /student-affairs/dream-success-center/immigration-legal-services

Immigrants’ Rights

Regardless of your immigration status, you have guaranteed rights under the Constitution. Learn more here about your rights as an immigrant, and how to express them. Check out the ACLU’s website to learn about their suggestions for the following situations:

  • Law enforcement asks about my immigration status
  • I’ve been stopped by police or ICE
  • Police or ICE are at my home
  • I need a lawyer
  • I’ve been detained near the border by Border Patrol
  • I was stopped by police, ICE, or Border Patrol while in transit
  • I am detained while my immigration case is underway
  • I've been arrested and need to challenge a deportation order
  • Related Know Your Rights

Travel Rights

Guide For Undocumented Individuals Traveling in California. This document provides an overview of some recommendations available to the public regarding safe travel protocols.

Access the document here

Workers’ Rights

All workers, no matter where they were born, should be able to work free from fear that they will be underpaid or placed in a dangerous environment.

Access NILC’s website on worker’s rights here

Every family should have a Family Preparedness Plan. While it is our hope that you never have to use your plan, it is a good practice to have one in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected. This packet will help everyone create a Family Preparedness Plan, regardless of immigration status. However, because of the additional challenges immigrant and mixed status families face, we also have additional advice for immigrants.

Access the ILRC Family Preparedness Plan here