Finals Self Care

Supporting Students Well-Being First

Together we have come to support students' well-being going into final exams to ensure we all put our mental & physical health first.

Together achieving the goal to always be mindful of caring for our well-being as OneBeach!


Emotional Well-Being: To support everyone as One Beach leading into final exams, we will be writing positive affirmations on post-it and affixing to the Go Beach sign today to help us all gear up for finals. If you're not able to get by the Go Beach sign, please meet up with us online to post your position affirmation.

Location: Go Beach Sign
Time: 12 PM to 5 PM - Come by the Go Beach sign and share your positive affirmation on a post-it note to share with your Beach Family leading into finals.
All day: We invite you to post your virtual positive affirmation here if you are unable to join us in person.
Community Guidelines:

  • Appropriate language    
  • Share your positive messages
  • Space to uplift one another before finals


Physical Well-Being: We all know getting outside and moving our body is a great thing, but it is hard to accomplish during final exams. We thought we would help you by bringing a little fun to The Beach. While you are on campus today, look for us and our “BIG”, we mean “BIG”, Beach Balls on campus all day. We can all enjoy the outdoors as we take a minute to share our well-being habits by writing them on each ball throughout the day.

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM - Go Beach sign down to Friendship
We will be focusing on our physical well-being with a GIANT beach ball and asking you to write your answer to the question: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Time: 2 PM to 3 PM - Quad/PH1/Library
We will be focusing on our social well-being with a GIANT beach ball and asking you to write your answer to the question: When was the last time that you had fun with friends or family?

Community Guidelines:

  • Appropriate language
  • Share your positive messages
  • Space to uplift one another
  • Be honest, its anonymous

Social Well-being

Social Well-Being: Today we would like to share some “Finals Goodie Bags” throughout the day with our Beach Family. It's always important to share your experiences with your community, and we understand that finals are not easy. We all get a bit hungry while studying for finals, so if time permits come meet us out on campus to decompress for a minute and enjoy the time with your follow ASI colleagues.

Locations: Limited supply; first come first receive

  • 1 PM – College of Business building
  • 3 PM – University Student Union
  • 5 PM – Upper Campus Library

* We will also be passing out gluten free & nut free options as supply's last


CSULB Eat & Shop

(Learn where the vending machines and Publicly Accessible Microwave Ovens are located)