Beach WELL: Mental Health Strategic Plan


  1.  We will honor our students’ diversity by using culturally-informed practices and developing strategies to promote inclusive excellence in services.
  2. We will build a community of care agents on and off-campus to help us identify struggles early and often.
  3. We will increase awareness, expand our reach, and decrease stigma.
  4. We will align our resources to ensure students have easy access to services.
  5. We will leverage technology to reach students faster and more proactively.



Our organized and proactive public health approach means we are ready for the challenges students face now and in the future.

Perceptive & Proactive

We will provide a high-touch experience by mobilizing our resources, and getting help to students even if they are hesitant to seek it themselves.

Extensive & Responsive

There is no wrong door for students to walk through at the Beach, anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Equitable & Accessible

We recognize how historical contexts have shaped our students’ experiences and our health structures. Our methods will create health equity with purpose.


We are dedicated to a campus and community movement where student mental health is a collective responsibility and priority.