Electric Vehicle Charging - Connections Code

Log in to your ChargePoint account. If you do not have an account, please sign up www.chargepoint.com (Chrome or Firefox browsers only)

  1. Once logged in, request a “Connection” with the CSULB Network using the following steps:
  2. Click on the Connections Tab at the top right hand side of the page:
    Connections Tab
  3. Enter CSULBEV8 (case sensitive) into the Connection Code field and click Apply.
    Connections Code field
  4. Click Request when the prompt appears.
    Request prompt
  5. Enter your Campus ID, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Submit Request.
    Campus ID text box
  6. CSULB Parking and Transportation Services will verify and approve your request within one business day. You will receive a confirmation email from ChargePoint and an email from EVcharger@csulb.edu with the approval and additional helpful details.
  7. Once approved, your Connection will be listed in the table under the Connections Tab with the status column marked as Approved.
    Approved Connections Tab
  8. You are now ready to use the ChargePoint stations on campus at the free or reduced rate based on your user group.

For questions regarding your account, please call the ChargePoint Customer Service line at 888.758.4389. For questions on procedures and rates, please contact CSULB Sustainable Transportation at 562.985.7433 during normal business hours or email ride@csulb.edu.