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Signage and Wayfinding Project

Published January 10, 2018

As part of a campus-wide signage and wayfinding improvement project, all parking lots will be renamed and all campus signage replaced on Jan. 15, 2018. 

This project will introduce a new naming convention for all parking on campus that will be reflected in both campus signage and online campus maps. Parking usage (employee/general) designations will remain the same, however parking will now be identified with a letter and number combination to quickly communicate a uniformed appearance and offer a more cohesive wayfinding experience. Employee parking will now begin with E, General (or student) parking will begin with G, and Resident parking will begin with R.

A campus conversion map and quick-reference chart have been provided below. It should be noted that the colors used on these documents are for illustration purposes only and do not represent the colors for new signage or campus maps.

Conversion Map [PDF]

Quick-Reference Table [PDF]


For additional questions regarding this process, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 562.985.8292 or

If you would like a hard copy version of the quick-reference conversion chart, these items will be available at the following on-campus locations:

  • TechHub, CSULB Library (LIB)
  • Ticket Sales Counter, Student Union (USU)
  • Staff Human Resources, Brotman Hall (BH)
  • Cashiering Office, Brotman Hall (BH)
  • Disabled Student Services, Brotman Hall (BH)
  • Faculty Affairs, Brotman Hall (BH)
  • Equity and Diversity, Foundation Building (FND)
  • University Art Store, Faculty Affairs (FA3)
  • Visitor Information Center (VIC)
  • Parking and Transportation Office (PTS)