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Provost Message - January 11, 2017

As you may know, Governor Jerry Brown presented his proposed 2017-18 State Budget yesterday. Below is information on the budget proposal as it relates to the CSU as well as links to statements by President Conoley and Chancellor White.

Governor's 2017-18 Budget Proposal

While some areas in Governor Jerry Brown's proposed 2017-18 budget could suffer cutbacks, the proposal includes a modest increase of $161.2 million for the California State University (CSU). Of this amount, $157.2 million would be allocated for operational expenses and $5 million for debt service obligations.

In September 2016 the CSU Board of Trustees considered a preliminary support budget that identified major priority areas for the system for 2017-18, including funding for a “Graduation Initiative 2025.” The Board of Trustees estimated the state would need to invest roughly $343.7 million in the CSU to fully fund system priorities. The governor’s proposed budget leaves a funding gap of roughly $167.7 million for the system. The Board of Trustees is expected to explore other sources of revenue to close this gap, including tuition/fee increases, later this month.

President Conoley has issued a statement thanking the governor for his support of the CSU. She also called on members of the Legislature to consider augmenting his proposed budget to fully fund the Board of Trustee’s budget request, allowing our campus to offer more courses, hire more faculty and invest more in services that help students succeed and graduate in a timely manner.

The governor’s January budget proposal marks only the beginning of a 5-month negotiation process. The Legislature has until June 15, 2017 to send the governor a final 2017-18 State Budget Act for his signature by July 1. In addition, state revenue projections will be adjusted in May 2017, and a May Revised Budget proposal will be released.

For additional information, please access Chancellor White's statement and a copy of the governor’s budget proposal.