CSULB Announces 2022-23 Graduate Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2022-23 Graduate Award winners for their hard work, dedication, and achievements! We are honored to recognize 95 recipients in the following categories: Student Research Competition, Grad Slam, Graduate Equity Fellows 23-24, Graduate Dean's List of University Scholars & Artists, Outstanding Graduate Student, and Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award. Go Beach!

2022-23 Graduate Awards


Mary Catherine Wilbur
MA, Animation
Project Title: Production of Across the DMZ: The Land we Lost and Found
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Soyeon Kim

Tuyet-Suong Sabrina Nguyen
MEd, Counseling: Option in Student Development in Higher Education
Project Title: Asian American and Pacific Islander Social Justice Attitudes
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Ratanasiripong

Ricardo Bazurto
MS, Electrical Engineering
Project Title: CMOS PPG Sensor with Correcting Feedback for Effects of Skin Pigmentation
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ava Hedayatipour

Lauren Tran
MS, Applied Statistics
Project Title: Identification and Validation of Prognostic Genomic Predictive Signature for Lung Career Patients in Personalized Medicine
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hojin Moon

Brenda Avalos
ES, School Psychology
Project Title: Covid 19 Impact on Social Emotional Wellness in Latinx Students
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristin Powers

Michelle Rivera
MS, Creative Writing
Project Title: Ask Camilla: Racial and Ethnic Tensions in John Fante's Ask the Dust
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Cooper

Andrew Loyd Smith
MA, Anthropology
Project Title: Biological Bricolage
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kara Miller

Melanie Gerner
MS, Educational Technology and Media Leadership
Project Title: Decolonizing STEM+C Informal Community Organizations; Impacting the Computer Science Pipeline with Black Female Talent
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Devery Rodgers

Maya Shankar
MA, Psychology
Project Title: Love Thy Neighbor and Not Thy Group: State Anger and Perceptions of Target Hostility Mediate the Relationship between Collective Narcissism and Aggression
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bill Pedersen

Kayleigh Hart
MS, Kinesiology: Sport and Exercise Psychology
Project Title: The Impact of Learning Styles on Academic and Athletic Motivation in Collegiate Athletes
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leilani Madrigal

Liz Grimes
Project Title: Firearm Buyback and Health Belief Model
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Niloofar Bavarian

Sergio Madrigal-Mora
MS, Biology
Project Title: Pacific Nurse Sharks in a Protected Area of the Costa Rican Pacific
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Lowe

Graduate Equity Fellows 2022-23

Michelle Castillo 
MS, Biochemistry 

Genecy Chopin 
MS, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Jack Hanson 
MS, Chemical Engineering

Anise Mansour 
MS, Physics

Tuyet-Suong Nguyen 
MS, Counseling, SDHE

Adriana Niederecker 
MA, Linguistics, Language Documentation & Description

Alitzah Oros
MA, Art Emphasis in Art History 

Ariane Mica Segismundo
MA, Speech-Language Pathology 

Shayan Sheikhrezaei 
PhD, Engineering & Computational Math 

Evelyn Soto
MA, Political Science 

Azuki Umeda 
MFA, Dance 

Aimee Vaquera 
EdD, Higher Education Leadership 

Graduate Equity Fellows 2023-24

Sea Krob
MFA, Art & Photography

Wynn Bernard
MFA, Animation

Emily Marquez
MS, Chemistry

Tuhina Bhattacharya
MS, Biochemistry

Elizabeth Esquivel

Mei Louie
MS, Counseling: Student Development in Higher Education

Manami Koizumi

Carlos Fitch
MA, Social and Cultural Analysis of Education

Victoria Gray
MA, History

Manuel Rojas
MA, Philosophy

Zack Sherwood
MS, Chemical Engineering

Jonathan Clotworthy
MS, Emergency Services Administration

Jianna Florek
MS, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Brittany Docherty
MS, Nutrition

Yesenia Valdovinos
MS, Health Care Administration

Kiely Gode
MS, Health Care Administration

Andrea Luna

Chris Smith

Kayla Cannon
MS, Kinesiology: Sport & Exercise Psychology

Larricka Harrison
MS, Kinesiology

Fidelina Hart
School of Nursing

Genesis Calderon
School of Nursing

Shivn Jain

Kiranpreet Kaur

Yvette Menacho

Yadira Maldonado

Melanie Ramirez

Jazmine Gutierrez
MA, Speech-Language Pathology

Vinh Tran
MS, Physics

Miguel Steiner Palma
MS, Biochemistry

Emma Siegfried
MS, Biology

Trang Tri Thu Tran
MS Geology

Alissa (AJ) Sharp
MA, Dance

Gladys Garcia
MA, Educational Administration

Lucero Diaz
MA, Education: Dual Language Development

Cristina Marin
MS, Counseling: Student Development in Higher Education

Devin Stewart
ES, School Psychology

Somone Washington
MS, Educational Technology and Media Leadership

Ambar Quintanilla
MA, English

Guadalupe Barragan
MA, Creative Writing: Emphasis in Fiction

Tomisin Oluwole
MA, Linguistics: Option in Language and Culture

Ha Nguyen
MA, Psychology: Option in Human Factors

Isabella Di Lauro
MA, Psychology: Option in Psychological Research

Eliecer Almaguer
MA, Spanish

Jack Hanson
MS, Chemical Engineering

Apurva Jain
MS, Computer Science

Marc Magana
MS, Aerospace Engineering

Thomas Newton
MS, Mechanical Engineering

Kate Nguyen
MS, Computer Science

Pouye Sedighian
PhD, Engineering & Computational Mathematics

Austin Tayles
MS, Civil Engineering

Kyaw Htet Win
MS, Computer Science

Sammy Alhussain

Penny Bacol 

Mai Weisz

Ricardo Olivas Gastelum 

Luiza Gomes Altoe 
MS Accountancy 

Craig Kerbrat 
MS Finance 

Katja Crusius 
MS Information Systems 

Kiennghiep Huynh 
MS Marketing Analytics 

Robynn Meehan
MA, Educational Administration

Kiely Gode
MS, Health Care Administration

Wilson Hsu
MS, Mathematics

Heather Anne Calabrese
MS, Science Education: Informal Science Education

Genecy Chopin
MS, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Thesis Title: A Qualitative Study: The Impact of Homelessness Criminalization on Unhoused Individuals Living in Los Angeles
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Connie Ireland

Valeria Ontiveros
MS, Emergency Services Administration
Thesis Title: Emergency Operations: A Reconstruction of the Emergency Operations Plan for the City of Los Angeles
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shirley Feldmann-Jensen

Nina Kang
MA, Art History
Thesis Title: Young-Il Ahn (1934-2020): Transcending Borders and Boundaries
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kendall Brown

Elaine Scenters-Zapico
ES, School Psychology
Thesis Title: Exploring Teens' Attitudes and Perceptions of Race and Racism Following Participation in a Social Justice Camp
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristi Hagans

Cameron Mayer
MA, Geography
Thesis Title: New West Tension and Threatened Species Protection: The Western Joshua Tree Conservation Debate in the Morongo Basin, California
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Laris

Guadalupe Barragan
MA, Creative Writing: Emphasis in Fiction
Thesis Title: “PATIENT”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suzanne Greenberg

Trong Pham
MA, Psychology: Option in Psychological Research
Thesis Title: Effectiveness of Dual-Task Training on Future Falls, Fear of Falling, and Quality of Life
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Young-Hee Cho