How CSULB Shows Its Pride

Published June 18, 2021

In celebration of Pride Month 2021, we asked LGBTQ+ members of the Beach community one very personal question: “How do you show your pride?”

They chose how and where to be photographed to show their true, authentic uniqueness.

Pride Month is a celebration of freedom of expression.

To be who you are;

To love who you love;

And to be seen.

Nancy de Haro

For me, pride is synonymous with roller skating. I attended my first pride with the people of Long Beach Roller Derby in 2011, and since then I have felt my queerest when I am skating with my derby teammates. To me, pride is about being myself authentically, and I feel that when I put on my skates.


Nancy de Haro
Academic Advisor
College of Liberal Arts

Nina King

Nina King, LCSW (left)
Counseling & Psychological Services

Since we met, Georgia and I have expressed pride through bravery. Before 'wokeness' was a thing and before it was even legal to do so, we got married instead of hiding our relationship. Not everyone in our evangelical Southern families showed up to the wedding, but we celebrated anyway. I’m proud to move through the world as though my marriage is just as worthy of respect as everybody else’s.


Elaine Villanueva Bernal

I express my pride by shining freely in all my colors and reflecting love and light to each and every person in my life.


Dr. Elaine Villanueva Bernal 
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Andrew Vaca

I express my pride each time I enter the studio and move … since dance was the first vehicle through which I was able to express my gay self, I joyously share my pride with my dancers in case they, too, need that extra inspiration and strength to be their authentic self.


Andrew Vaca
Department of Dance

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