VR Day 2018

Participant wearing virtual reality headset

Four Panelists speaking to the event participants in the Dun

The California State University Long Beach Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is proud to sponsor the first campus-wide Virtual Reality (VR) Day on March 9, 2018. VR Day is an interdisciplinary collaboration amongst the colleges of the Arts, Engineering, Health and Human Services, and Liberal Arts. The full day event includes a keynote conversation, faculty and practitioner panels, demos, a VR career readiness workshop presented by the Career Development Center, and two screenings of the exciting and innovative VR film UTURN

Mirroring the diversity which is the hallmark of the university, the goal of VR Day is to highlight intellectual, gender, and racial diversity within the industry as well as prepare our majority minority students to become strong contributors to the burgeoning VR industry.

CSULB VR Day Program

8:30-9:00am Welcome (DESN Gallery)

Presented by Dr. Ebony Utley and Dr. Wade Martin

City of Long Beach Innovation Team

City of Long Beach Economic Development 

9:15-10:30am  VR Demos

UTURN - Presented by Dr. Nathalie Mathe (DESN 112)

BeachCAVE – Dr. Panadda Marayong and team (ET 21)

Holo Minds Together (HoloLens)/Projection Mapping – Dr. Hannah Kum-Biocca (HSD 105)

Oculus Rift – CSULB Immersive Design Research Lab (DESN 105)

Robotics Lab – Dr. Emel Demircan and team (ECS 115)

Space Pirate and Tilt Brush (HTC Vive)—Steven Xu (SSPA 203)

VR Pictionary and VR Exquisite Corpse (Oculus Rift) - Long Beach Public Library (DESN 111)

Wareplai (SSPA 106)

Film Shorts - Built not Bought, Know Your Rights, The Rattler (DESN Gallery) 

10:40-11:20am  VR Storytelling Panel (DESN Gallery)

With Heather Barker (design faculty), Adam Moore (film faculty), Dr. Danny Paskin (journalism faculty) and Dr. Scott Wilson (anthropology faculty), Will Pitts (HoloLens developer), Verlan Grant III (360 photographer) 

11:25am-12:40pm I’m Not a Computer Science Major, How Do I Get a Job in VR? (DESN Gallery)

Career workshop presented by

Terri Armstrong and Dr. Scott Wilson 

12:40-1:50pm Networking Lunch/VR as Art Keynote Conversation (DESN Gallery)

with Jordan Service 

2:00-3:15pm VR Demos/Faculty Forum/Repeat of VR Demos from 9:30am timeslot

Encore presentation of UTURN

Faculty Forum 

3:20-4:00pm VR and Embodiment Panel (DESN Gallery)

with Dr. Hannah Kum-Biocca, Dr. Frank Biocca, and Steve Boyer 

4:05-4:45pm CSULB Student VR Panel (DESN Gallery)

with Jazzy Harvey, Makenna Henry, Katherine Scully, Breauna Waterford and Michael Wolf

4:45-5:30pm VR Demos

Repeat of VR Demos from 9:15am and 2:00pm timeslot excluding UTURN, Oculus Rift, and BeachCAVE

Check out the following FAQs for more information on the event.