Climathon in Long Beach

2017 Long Beach Climathon participants pose in front of Dunc

2018 Climathon Challenge Long Beach -Sustainable Housing

The Long Beach Challenge will focus on solutions to create sustainable housing. Specifically, solutions that will help Long Beach meet the objectives set out in the city’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. As the climate continues to change, there is a need to find innovative and creative solutions that reduce fossil fuel use to meet energy and transportation needs. The city of Long Beach along with other communities are addressing many challenges in developing sustainable housing that meets the needs of a growing population. Numerous approaches have been proposed to generate sustainable housing such as more high-density units, tiny houses, heating and cooling via solar energy, linking housing and transportation needs, and more.

This year’s program will be structured around the cycle of living in 24 hours.  Activities will include; Team Building > Ideation > Storyboarding > Prototyping > Storytelling > Collaboration with other Cities > Data Download from the University, City and Private Sector > Guest Speakers > Sunset and Sunrise Yoga

Review the complete agenda (PDF).