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Climathon in Long Beach

2017 Long Beach Climathon participants pose in front of Duncan Anderson Gallery

2018 Climathon Challenge Long Beach -Sustainable Housing

The Long Beach Challenge will focus on solutions to create sustainable housing. Specifically, solutions that will help Long Beach meet the objectives set out in the city’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. As the climate continues to change, there is a need to find innovative and creative solutions that reduce fossil fuel use to meet energy and transportation needs. The city of Long Beach along with other communities are addressing many challenges in developing sustainable housing that meets the needs of a growing population. Numerous approaches have been proposed to generate sustainable housing such as more high-density units, tiny houses, heating and cooling via solar energy, linking housing and transportation needs, and more.

This year’s program will be structured around the cycle of living in 24 hours.  Activities will include; Team Building > Ideation > Storyboarding > Prototyping > Storytelling > Collaboration with other Cities > Data Download from the University, City and Private Sector > Guest Speakers > Sunset and Sunrise Yoga

Review the complete agenda (PDF).

What is a climathon/hackathon?

Climathon is a 24-hour event that brings together individuals with a variety of skills and knowledge to work collaboratively to come up with innovative ideas for solving local climate challenges. Climathon 2018 is a global event which will take place in cities around the world on October 26, 2018 bringing together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them.

Do I have to stay for the whole time? Is there a cut off time for joining the event?

It is highly recommended that you stay for the entire duration of the Climathon in order to cultivate your ideas from start to finish. If you arrive after the start time, you can join an existing team or start one of your own with other late-comers.

Can I join as an individual?

Yes! Registration is open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members. If you do not have a team, you can join an existing team or start one of your own at the event.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Your thinking caps and a personal laptop or tablet (if you have one). We'll provide everything else you'll need.

Will I need a parking permit? 

CSULB parking passes are approved for overnight use for this event. We encourage everyone to take eco-friendly transportation to the event, however overnight parking in the Foundation Lot is approved (*Parking fees may apply).; We urge you to consider alternative transportation!

Long Beach Transit
A total of 7 Long Beach Transit (LBT) buses come to campus - 91, 92, 93, 94, 96 ZAP, 121, and 171.
Metro/OCTA bus lines. Travelling from Los Angeles? You can take the Metro, reach Long Beach Downtown and hop onto the Long Beach Transit. For more information, visit Metro website. Travelling from Orange County? You can take the OCTA Bus no. 1, 50, 60 or 560 that come directly to campus. Utilize their trip planner at OCTA website.

Bike routes (can link to LB and our bike maps)
There are several routes to get to campus by bike, and bike racks throughout the campus. Please refer to the campus bike and bike share information page. We highly recommend you to securely lock your bike using a U-Lock.

Long Beach Bike Share
Don’t own a bike? You can rent the Long Beach Bike Share bikes that are conveniently located throughout the City of Long Beach and 8 bike stations here on campus. For more information, visit the Long Beach Bike Share website.

If you have a car, split the costs of a parking permit and gas by offering rides. If you don't have a car, you can find a shared ride to the Climathon. Try using the Waze Carpool app or sign up for Zimride here.

Lyft Line or Uber Pool
If you don’t have a car, we encourage you to ride Lyft Line or Uber Pool. Not only is it more affordable, but you can also contribute to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by sharing the ride.

Will food be provided?

Thinking minds need fuel! We will provide lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast on Saturday. Coffee and refreshments will be available throughout the event.

Will there be a place for me to rest or take a nap?

Yes, we will have several areas designated for resting and breaks but we encourage you to bring a mat or item to make you more comfortable.

What types of activities will take place over the 24 hours?

Team Building > Ideation > Storyboarding > Prototyping > Storytelling > Collaboration with other Cities > Data Download from the University, City and Private Sector > Guest Speakers > Sunset and Sunrise Yoga - bring your yoga mat!

Review the complete agenda (PDF).

Will there be prizes for the winning ideas?

Prizes will be awarded to the top three solutions. Will you have the winning idea?

For more information on global Climathon events,visit the Global Climathon website.

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