How to Apply - DREAM (Graduate Students)

Completing the DREAM Application is the first step toward getting financial aid for college.

Your DREAM Application is used to determine your eligibility for CSULB financial aid, and some scholarship providers may use your DREAM Application information to determine whether you qualify for their awards. When you fill out the DREAM Application, you are applying for aid for a specific year. In order to receive aid the next year, you’ll need to submit that next year’s Application.

Submit or renew your DREAM Application between October 1 and March 2 for the following academic year. The DREAM Application becomes available every October 1. Be sure to file before the priority filing deadline (March 2) in order to be considered for financial aid!

If you missed the DREAM Application Deadline, you will not be eligible for any CSULB Institutional Grants for the academic year. You may wish to still complete the DREAM Application, as some scholarships, or private loans, may require you to complete the DREAM application to be considered.