Fall 2021 Major-Specific Degree Requirements for CSULB Students - COED

CSULB students must meet precise major-specific degree criteria in order to ‘declare a major.’ While first-year students are admitted directly into some majors, many majors require that students begin as pre-majors and then declare the major if and when they complete the major-specific degree criteria. All students must have a declared major by the time they reach 60 earned units.

This applies equally to students who are:

  • Undeclared
  • Were admitted into a ‘pre-major’ and are requesting to declare the major
  • Requesting to change major
  • Requesting to add a major

Except for “Highly Impacted” majors, native CSULB students can ‘declare a major’ if they meet the major-specific minimum cumulative GPA and required lower division preparation. There are limitations on the ability to add a second major or to add/change degree objectives based on the following policies:

To review the detailed major-specific degree requirements select the major below. If a major is highly impacted it will be noted next to the name of the major and additional supplemental criteria and requirements are indicated in the major-specific details. They are subject to change for future terms.


Liberal Studies  

To be considered for admission to the major, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Minimum GPA: 2.6
  • Minimum lower division preparation (Grade C or better required)
Major Preparation Courses

Major Preparation Courses

Course Number

Course Title



Early United States History



Introduction to
American Government

Complete one of the following courses:





Appreciation of Literature


250A, 250B

Survey of English Literature


270A, 270B

Survey of American Literature



U.S. Ethnic Writers



Introduction to World Literature

Required General Education courses not covered by major preparation courses:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mathematics (MTED recommended)

Explore the Liberal Studies Department for this major.