Garden Etiquette

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the Garden for all visitors, we ask you to take the following rules into consideration. You will be asked to stop and/or leave if our staff deems your activity distracting for public hours during your visit.

  • No food or drinks are allowed. Unfortunately, the Garden is not able to accommodate picnic lunches. 
  • Only service animals as defined by the ADA are allowed into the Garden.
  • Running is prohibited.
  • Only feed the fish with food provided by the Garden. Koi food is available at certain times of the day. See our schedule for more details.
  • No dumping of animals of any kind into the pond (i.e. fish, turtles, etc.)
  • Do not throw anything into, or attempt to retrieve something from, the pond. If you drop something in, let the Garden staff know and they will retrieve it for you.
  • Bikes are not allowed inside the garden. Please leave your bike with staff in the courtyard.
  • All forms of smoking are prohibited.  
  • Please stay on the pathways at all times. Please do not step over barriers, climb trees, enter waterfall areas, or step into the raked rock garden.
  • Do not hang on to or hang anything off of branches.
  • Do not pick parts off of any of our plants or trees.
  • Noncommercial photography is permitted during public hours, but the usage of a tripod, props, light reflectors, or other large equipment is not. Please no professional photography without a photography permit, or advance approval from the garden director.
  • During open hours, we only allow what one could consider casual street clothes in the United States.  Anything considered dressy or formal is not allowed and people in casual clothing from other countries or cultures may also be denied entry to the Garden during open hours. If you are unsure if your clothing is in line with our policies, please purchase a photo permit or plan your visit to the Garden on a day when you are dressed down. Anyone who shows up to the Garden in clothing that violates this policy may be turned away at the gate.  This is at the discretion of staff working at the Garden at the time of your arrival.
  • Sketching and watercolor painting are allowed if all art materials are on a protective sheet to avoid staining sidewalks and benches. No oil painting is allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation!