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On March 26 the Commencement Team notified the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 that CSULB is working with Angel Stadium of Anaheim to host this year’s commencement, May 28-31


Graduate slide submission deadline has been extended to May 7, 2021. To customize your slide, visit MarchingOrder. This will be important for planned in-person experiences. 

Health and Safety

The Commencement Ceremony will comply with Commencement and Outdoor Stadium Live Performance guidance (.pdf) by the California Department of Public Health.

College Ceremony Dates  

  • College of the Arts - May 29, 9:30a.m. 
  • College of Business - May 30, 5:00p.m. 
  • College of Education - May 30, 9:30a.m. 
  • College of Engineering - May 28, 9:30a.m. 
  • College of Health & Human Services - May 29, 5:00p.m. 
  • College of Liberal Arts - May 28, 5:00p.m. 
  • College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics - May 31, 9:30a.m. 


All graduates from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 have been automatically rsvp'd and tickets will be digitally distributed in mid-May. 

Student & Guest Tickets

Each graduate will receive a total of three tickets to enter the stadium, which includes one for the graduate and two for guests. Tickets will be electronically sent in mid May to all eligible graduates. Each graduate will still receive two parking passes (one for themselves and one for their guests). 

Angel Stadium

The stadium is located at 2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806. To learn about the Stadium, directions, or health and safety protocols, please visit the Angel Stadium website.

For participating graduates and guests with a ticket to the stadium, plan your trip using public transportation or ride share services.  Guests staying in the parking lot must remain in a vehicle. 

Graduate Recognition Stages 

Utilizing your submitted name pronunciation (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 16) and Graduate Slide (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 7), Graduate Recognition Stages will be available throughout the Angel Stadium parking lot for photo opportunities. These microstages offer a unique opportunity for graduates to hear their name announced and to see their customized graduate slide displayed along with their guests. Professional photographers from GradImages will be available on site at the Graduate Recognition Stages to help graduates capture the moment.

This is an illustration of the planned microstage.

Please note, only graduates are allowed onto the Graduate Recognition Stages and in front of their grad slides. Families are only permitted to stand in front of the stage briefly to take photos. Social distancing is required.

Mobile Ticket Entry & Seating Pods 

Graduates will use the mobile-only entry ticketing system. Tickets will be digitally distributed to all eligible graduates in mid-May. Graduates of the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 should have access to their account, even post-graduation date.

Seating will be arranged in pods of two (2) to six (6) people and will utilize the MLB Ballpark App for entry. Ticket arrangements will be based on existing ticket manifests for MLB games. 

Guests must be seated in their ticketed locations throughout the duration of the ceremony

Individual Control Measures and Screening

All controls adhere to CDPH Guidance for Outdoor Seated Live Events and Performances for necessary mitigation measures to protect performers, graduates, and audience members.

  • All attendees must wear masks as per CDPH Face Coverings Guidance and maintain distance of at least 6 feet from other attendees at all times, other than with household members such as when they are in their own vehicles.
    • Speakers may remove masks during their remarks as long as they are at least 6 feet away from other attendees. Speakers should keep the time for comments brief to limit the time they are unmasked. 
  • Attendance will be limited to school staff and graduates. All attendees must abide by travel limitations as indicated within the current CDPH Travel Advisory.
    • Attendees will be provided a ticket in advance of the graduation, and only those who are pre-ticketed may attend. 
    • Staff or attendants will monitor the number of attendees entering the graduation event and confirm that they are pre-ticketed. 
  • Should additional household members and family members be allowed to attend they must abide by travel limitations as indicated within the current CDPH Travel Advisory.
  • Persons who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) are discouraged from attending.
  • Individuals who are sick or in isolation or quarantine must remain at home.  

Health Screening 

All attendees will be screened at entry for temperature and COVID-19 symptoms before the event. 

Bag Policy 

Angel Stadium has extended the opportunity for guests to use clear bags at commencement, so long as they meet the size guidelines below. One clear bag will be allowed per guest. In an effort to enhance public safety, all large bags, backpacks, and other carriers are prohibited from stadium entry with the following exceptions (in each case, after proper inspection):

  • Purses or bags that are 4.5" x 6.5" with a single zipper closure/flap (approximately the size of an adult hand) or smaller
  • Clear bags no larger than 12.75” x 6.5” x 12.75”
  • Medically necessary items, including diaper bags

Angels Stadium Bags

Please note the examples in the graphic above are for reference only. It is not required that bags be team-affiliated. Other than the above-noted exceptions, all other bags must be returned to the patron's vehicle.

Weather Conditions, Attire, Footwear

Ceremonies will take place in all conditions. Consider weather conditions, such as sun exposure, heat, and rain. Take appropriate precautions related to weather protection.

A portion of the procession will take place along the dirt track on the playing field. Graduates will walk through Tunnel A at an incline and climb stairs to reach their seat in the graduate section of the stands. Please plan your attire (under regalia) and footwear accordingly.

MarchingOrder Prerecorded Name and Custom Grad Slide

The university is partnering with MarchingOrder to allow graduates a professional name reading and to personalize their graduation slide. All graduates attending the ceremony must provide information to create their pre-recorded name and custom grad slide. Name pronunciation information must be provided by April 16, 2021Graduates will be able to upload a photo and quote to customize their graduate slide. Grad slide submission deadline has been extended to May 7. These slides can be displayed at the Graduate Recognition Stages in the stadium parking lot and will be available on the commencement website to view, download, and share beginning commencement week. 


Name Reading at Graduate Recognition Stage 


It is important that all graduates login to MarchingOrder to offer guidance on the pronunciation of their name, ensuring their name is read correctly and this special experience is memorable for you and your guests. With the additional opportunity to have your name reading and slide utilized at the Graduate Recognition Stages in the parking lot, we have extended the deadline for name pronunciation by one week – deadline to submit the proper pronunciation of your name is now FRIDAY, APRIL 16.  

Whether you are attending commencement in-person or not, or deciding whether to customize your grad slide, know that ALL graduate names are being professionally recorded by CSULB alumnus and Mortal Kombat X Announcer, Jamieson Price, MFA ‘95. Audible graduate name readings work in tandem with the visual grad slide and can be heard when activated at the Graduate Recognition Stages, as well as shared digitally from the grad slide link that will be available on the commencement website starting commencement week. 

Provide guidance on the pronunciation of your name and initial the waiver by the extended deadline of FRIDAY, APRIL 16, then log back into your MarchingOrder account to finish customizing your grad slide with a photo and quote through the extended FRIDAY, MAY 7 deadline

Create Your Account and Slide

An email was sent to 2020 and 2021 graduates via their student account on March 22, 2021. The email was sent from with information on how to login to MarchingOrder. A sample grad slide is below: 


Elbee Grad Slide


Graduates will be able to upload a photo and a statement that's personal to them regarding their Beach experience. The statement can be a quote that inspired them while working toward their degree, a word of thanks to any family, friends and faculty members that helped them during their journey, or a reflection on their time as a Beach student. Deadline to complete your grad slide is FRIDAY, MAY 7


Mortar Board Decoration

Some things don’t change and that includes grads decorating their cap.



  • Plan ahead and arrive early. Parking lots open 90 minutes before ceremony start time.
  • Graduates are encouraged to arrive at least one-hour before their ceremony start time to allow ample time to park, enter the stadium, and join the procession line in tunnel A. 
  • Graduates will utilize a mobile-only entry ticket. This paperless practice will enhance guest safety, ticket security, and make it easier for graduates to manage their tickets. 
  • Graduates will process as they arrive, beginning one hour before their ceremony start time. Graduates will line up at tunnel A and emerge on the playing field, where guests already seated in the stands will welcome them. Graduates will step up onto and cross a platform set up just for them, then proceed to their seats. Note – guests should be seated immediately upon arrival to enjoy the procession.  
  • Graduates will be seated from the 100 to 400 levels based on ticket distribution and graduate class size.
  • After the ceremony, exit the stadium through any gate and meet your guests at a Graduate Recognition Stage. All stages will be numbered on a map. Graduates and guests can view grad slides, hear names read, and have a photo taken by the GradImage photographers on site. After experiencing the Graduate Recognition Stage, we ask that all graduates and guests kindly make their way to their vehicles and exit the stadium parking lot.

Before, During, and After the Event

  • When you enter the parking lot, please have no more people than seat belts for your two allowed vehicles.
  • Staff will enforce face covering compliance throughout the event, including within the parking lots.
  • No alcohol is permitted anywhere on the premises, including the parking lot and inside the stadium.
  • Tailgating is not permitted.
  • Graduates must be seated in their ticketed locations throughout the duration of the ceremony.
  • Relocating to other sections and congregating is not permitted.
  • The venue must be cleaned and disinfected prior to and after the event, particularly high touch surfaces (e.g., bathrooms). Students will be asked to orderly and immediately leave the stadium venue following the ceremony. 
  • Receptions before or after the graduation must comply with the restrictions within the CDPH Guidance for Gatherings appropriate to the county Blueprint tier in effect at the time.
  • Each guest will be allowed to bring in one factory sealed plastic water bottle up to 16.9 ounces or one empty water container.
  • No outside food is allowed inside the stadium.
  • All attendees, including graduates, school administrators, or guests, must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Graduates must adhere to markers indicating 6 foot distances and people should stand on or by the markers and remain 6 feet from each other.
  • To comply with the 6-foot spacing, handshaking and hugs should not occur.
  • Graduates should limit the sharing or exchanging of materials (such as throwing graduation caps, "sign-in" practices, programs, gifts, flowers). 

Flower Sales and 49er Shops on Site

Flower sales and preorder pickup will conveniently be available on site. Share in this commencement tradition and preorder your orchid leis and grad bouquets to pick up at the stadium the day of your ceremony. Click to view and order your grad flowers.

Additionally, the 49er Shops will conveniently be located on site and throughout the parking lot, open before, during, and after the ceremonies. Get your Beach Gear and grad gear at the stadium!

Join in the Celebration

It is no secret this year’s ceremony will look different. This will lead the entire campus community to find new ways to embrace the accomplishment of our graduate’s new degree.

Celebrating with Loved Ones

At this time, families will be able to view the graduate experience from a personal device in the parking lot, should they not be allowed inside the stadium. Included in the stadium and live stream experiences will be the live programming and graduate slides.  
 All attendees must comply with the current CDPH Travel Advisory
As all attendees, including school staff, performers, students and families are counted toward any occupancy capacity limit based on current tiers, should additional seating become available, mobile entry will be provided to graduates email accounts.

Everyone is encouraged to join the excitement online through the live stream and join the conversation on socials at our hashtag #BeachGrad2020 and #BeachGrad2021

Live Stream

Live Stream feeds will be available at the commencement website and shared on official social media accounts. 

After the live event is over, streams will be available on YouTube and linked to from the commencement website.

Accessibility Accommodations

The facility and all stages will be accessible to persons with disabilities and provide all necessary accommodations for students and guests with special needs. ASL Interpreting will be provided at all in-person commencement ceremonies, available live at the stadium. Information regarding how students and community members can request disability-related accommodations can be found on the link below. Disabled Services Logo To request disability-related accommodations, complete the Bob Murphy Access Center Event Request Form. Students and guests may request additional accommodations outside of Deaf and Hard of Hearing requests using this same form. Please note that a BMAC Event Request Form will also be required for wheel chair seating and accommodations. All accommodation requests for graduates and guests must be submitted by May 12