New Employee/Project Personnel Training

COTA specific safety training is REQUIRED for employees (Work Study students, Student Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants and Foundation-paid people) and formal volunteers. This training process is also strongly recommended for any unsupervised student worker.

This introductory training is to be completed before one begins working and is a mandate is set by Cal/OSHA. Failure to abide by this training requirement puts both direct supervisors and the university at risk in the event of an accident and/or lawsuit.

COTA General Safety Training consists of the following:

  • Review a safety presentation and the COTA Safety Manual developed by the Science Safety Office. The presentation may be presented live, via a PowerPoint presentation available from the Science Safety Office website, or a combination of the two. The content of the presentation will depend on the type of setting the employee is expected to work:
  • Each version of training also contains a quiz. Enter your personal information in the spaces provided, then take the quiz. The results of your quiz are emailed to you and to the Science Safety Office. A passing grade is 100%; you may continue to retake the quiz until you pass.
  • When you open your quiz results email, you will be instructed to download and complete a Safety Program Form. Complete it with the help of your supervisor. Your supervisor will also sign the form.
  • Hand-carry or email your completed Safety Program Form to Science Safety, located in Microbiology Building, Room 207, within 10 business days of attending the training session/completing the online quiz. Your training is not considered complete until your from is submitted our office.

Thank you, and please call the COTA Safety Office x55246 or 562.985.5246 if you have any questions.