New Employee/Project Personnel Training

COTA specific safety training is REQUIRED for employees (Work Study students, Student Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants and Foundation-paid people) and formal volunteers. This training process is also strongly recommended for any unsupervised student worker.

This introductory training is to be completed before one begins working and is a mandate is set by Cal/OSHA. Failure to abide by this training requirement puts both direct supervisors and the university at risk in the event of an accident and/or lawsuit.

COTA General Safety Training consists of the following:

  • Review a safety presentation and the COTA Safety Manual developed by the COTA Safety Office. The presentation may be presented live, via a PowerPoint presentation available from the COTA Safety Office website, or a combination of the two. The content of the presentation will depend on the type of setting the employee is expected to work:
    • Lab and Studio Work: those working in laboratory or studio work environments will review General Safety Training.
    • Office Work: those working in office environments will review General Office Worker Safety Training.
  • Each version of training also contains a quiz. Enter your personal information in the spaces provided, then take the quiz. A passing grade is 100%; you may continue to retake the quiz until you pass.

Thank you, and please call the COTA Safety Office x55246 or 562.985.5246 if you have any questions.