Container Labeling Policy

You must write the following on all unattended containers:

  • NAME (and concentration) of the material: Write out the full name! Do not use only abbreviations or formulas such as HCl, ETOH, IPA, etc.
  • HAZARD: Use the hazard(s) indicated on the original container, i.e. flammable, corrosive, oxidizer, poison, water reactive, etc.

If re-using a container, make sure old and/or inappropriate labels are completely removed or defaced. Bottles with permanently fused or etched labels (e.g. ethanol bottles and factory-labeled reagent bottles with ground glass stoppers) may not be re-labeled and used for a different material.

Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste must be labeled with the yellow pre-printed "Hazardous Waste" label available in all Department Offices and in the COTA Safety Office. All sections must be filled out properly, including the "START DATE", which is the date the first drop of waste was collected. See the complete Hazardous Waste Collection and Labeling Policy.