The safety of each individual is of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE in the College of the Arts (COTA).
Any observed safety or health incident (or potential incident) should be immediately reported to the COTA Safety Office, or notify the University's Environmental Health and Safety Office at 562.985.5246.

For police, fire, or medical emergencies, please dial 911 from any phone.

During High Heat Months

All COTA Departments must take appropriate precautions whenever outdoor or indoor temperatures exceed 87 degrees F. Please follow the National Weather Service (NOAA) forecasts to determine when temperatures may approach or exceed high heat thresholds for Long Beach in order to plan accordingly. If needed, work and courses may need to be moved to alternative modalities or suspended to protect lives. 

Campus departments are to protect workers from heat illness by implementing actions as described in the CSULB Heat Illness Prevention PlanHeat illness prevention for student activities is to be managed in accordance with the CSU Student Activities Heat Illness Prevention Resource Guide. Buildings where temperatures exceed 87 degrees F are to be managed in accordance with the CSULB Indoor Heat Plan.

If you are performing tasks in high-heat environments, practice basic heat prevention by:

  • Drinking plenty of cool, fresh water throughout the day
  • Take cool-down rests for at least five minutes when you feel the need to do so to prevent overheating
  • Seeking adequate shade to reduce core body temperature

All College of the Arts employees will be assigned Heat Illness training through the CSU training link. This brief but important training will assist employees in confidently taking action whenever they see individuals who are experiencing heat stress or if they experience it themselves

If you have any questions, please call the COTA office at (562) 985-4364. 

If you are experiencing an emergency or think someone is exhibiting signs of heat stress, call 9-1-1 immediately and perform immediate remedial procedures to lower an afflicted individual's body temperature. Do not leave them alone while waiting for paramedics -- Send someone else to flag first responders. 


Risk Safety Solutions Toolset

Risk Safety Solutions is a set of tools designed to improve safety and facilitate regulatory compliance in laboratories across campus.