Internship and Virtual Series Information

Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) Interest Form

For-Credit Pathway Internship 

As a benefit for completing CCPHIT course curriculum, the CCPHIT program will help students connect with employers for paid internship opportunities. The CCPHIT program has current contracts with over 50 community organizations across the state of California for student placements.

Completion Requirements:

  • Associate-Level: 75 total hours
  • Bachelor-Level: 120 total hours
  • Master-Level: 240 total hours

Not-For-Credit Pathway Internship: Virtual Series #1 IMA (Informatics, Mapping & Analysis)

CCPHIT is pleased to announce the launch of CCPHIT Virtual Series#1 (Informatics, Mapping & Analysis) internship program.  

This Virtual Series is a self-paced, instructor moderated, online, hands-on learning of fundamentals and foundations in Public Health Informatics and Technology. It also covers an experiential learning of Mapping & Analysis techniques. 

The CCPHIT Virtual Series#1 is an immersive learning experience comprised of:

  • PHIT Power-Up (10+ hours total)
    • Provide an introductory level of proficiency in the field of Public Health Informatics and Technology. This dynamic series comprises a collection of 14 (fourteen) concise, 30-minute lectures that serve as the fundamental "lego" blocks of knowledge and information. Each lecture in this comprehensive series aims to empower learners by imparting essential insights, practical techniques, and key concepts.
  • Health & Human Services GIS Curriculum (40+ hours total)
    • Gain experience beginning with essential GIS concepts to analytics, field work, storytelling with data, collaboration, and more. This GIS curriculum is the cornerstone of the internship experience. It is composed of several hands-on tutorials aimed and developing modern geospatial capacity in the health sector (including public health).
  • Informatics and GIS Project Experience (25+ total hours)
    • Practice your informatics skills and knowledge on a FHIR enabled sandbox.
    • Apply your developing GIS skills to understanding and/or proposing solutions to public health challenges. Each intern should select a topic of interest based on the focus areas listed below. These topics have been chosen because they are common concerns in public health and because there are many GIS materials to support learning from them. Based on the chosen topic, the intern will create some sort of information product using GIS. It could be a storymap, a web application, a survey tool connected to a dashboard – the sky is the limit. The longer the internship, the greater the expected scope of project.

Virtual Series period: July 15 to Sept 15, 2023 (note, registration is now closed)

Here are the details:

  1. Virtual Series Flyer
  2. Registration link (now open for registration)
  3. Document Introducing the Virtual Series

Target Audience

Through the CCPHIT Power-Up Series, participants will gain a strong foundation in the dynamic field of Public Health Informatics and Technology. Whether you are a student exploring the discipline, a professional seeking to enhance your skills, or someone interested in the intersection of technology and public health, this series offers a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and proficiency.

  • Existing enrolled students of Informatics, Public Health, HIT/HIM and related disciplines
  • Recently graduated students from the above disciplines
  • Current workers looking to up-skill in PHIT

Paid Internship

Please note that while the CCPHIT Virtual Series equips participants with valuable knowledge and skills in Public Health Informatics and Technology, it is important to understand that not everyone will receive a paid internship opportunity through this program. Eligible students will be notified of their selection to the paid internship after they have completed the PHIT Power-Up module.

Virtual Series#1 IMA Faculty & Partner

The Virtual Series#1 faculties are from our various academic partners (UC Berkeley, Cal State University Long Beach & Shasta Community College) and our private sector partner (ESRI, Inc).

Note, for any questions related to CCPHIT, including coursework and/or internships, please contact the CCPHIT Co-Director, Dr. Kamiar Alaei at: