CCPHIT Consortium

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California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and a statewide network of partners have built a consortium to effectively address the demand for diverse skilled workers in public health informatics and technology (PHIT) jobs throughout California with an emphasis on minority students. CSULB proposes an inclusive three-tier CCPHIT education model that includes the California community colleges, California State University campuses and the University of California. CCPHIT is developing culturally relevant, interdisciplinary public health informatics curricula through a health equity lens. The curricula includes multiple tracks that prepare students to meet the needs of local health care and public health agencies and other vital industry and non-profit public health-related employers. 

CCPHIT is developing a training program with paid on-the-job training and wraparound support to remove barriers and ensure student success. To align training with career pathways, CCPHIT will identify and create a list, vetted by employer partners, of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for fundamental public health informatics jobs. The four-year training program aims to reach at least 700 people at undergraduate and graduate levels with expected student enrollment of: 

  • 100 in year two,
  • 200 in year three, and
  • 400 in year four

CCPHIT is a public-private partnership that brings together industry, academia, and government partners to focus on public health informatics and technology workforce development to benefit students, minority population and working professionals. 

Learn more about this national grant by visiting the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology PHIT Workforce Development Program.