Campus Climate Surveys

Your Voice Matters

The university strives to promote a climate of mutual acceptance and respect and to celebrate diversity in all its forms. Toward that end, Spring 2020 we invited all students, faculty and staff to participate in campus-wide surveys to explore our current climate that will help us identify issues, solve problems, collaborate on solutions to create a more inclusive environment for all.


Your voice matters

Everyone’s experience with campus diversity, relationships and community has significance, and we want to create, identify and address both overt and subtle issues related to the campus climate. This campus-wide approach to understanding our community experiences allows each division an opportunity to strategize a coordinated and collaborative approach with the results.

The intended outcome of the three surveys is to provide a campus climate snapshot. From this, CSULB can then identify and implement, strategic planning and benchmarking for campus improvement. Data generated will allow us more fully to enact our Beach 2030 values of:

  • Teaching and learning being at the center of who we are and all we do
  • Compassion, creativity, and innovation characterizing our culture
  • Diversity is our strength and
  • The public good is our responsibility