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President's Commission on Sustainability

The President’s Commission on Sustainability (PCS) was established in 2018 with the mission of integrating sustainability--defined as the intentional and simultaneous focus on environmental, social, and economic health--into all aspects of the university.

The PCS works to advance the following goals:

  • Develop and support initiatives that integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life.
  • Integrate sustainability into the University’s Strategic Plan activities and initiatives through active engagement.
  • Increase partnerships and collaboration with the City of Long Beach and the greater regional community with the goal of achieving shared sustainability goals.
  • Raise the profile of sustainability efforts to meet and surpass university and state commitments and regulatory requirements.
  • Elevate the profile of sustainability research, scholarly, and creative activities and leadership at CSULB on a local, regional, national, and international scale.
  • Enhance the ability of the campus to attract state, federal, foundation and private funds by leveraging the university’s identity as a leader in sustainability action and research.
  • Involve and engage faculty, staff and students in sustainability practices and activities through instruction, outreach, and student life activities.

Key Priority Areas for 2019-2020

For the 2019-20, the PCS will focus on the following priority areas. 

  • Strengthening our Climate Action & Adaptation Plans
  • Integrating Sustainability Throughout the Curriculum
  • Engaging & Communicating with our Community  

The important and exciting work of accomplishing these key priorities will be lead by PCS Committees. 

Committees of the PCS

  1. Climate Action & Adaptation Plan Update Committee
  2. Transportation Solutions Committee
  3. Sustainability in the Curriculum Committee
  4. Communications & Engagement Committee

All members of the campus and community partners are eligible to serve on these Committees. Committees meet at least once per month. Appointments to PCS Committees are at the discretion of the Chair. If you are interested joining a Committee as a member, please contact and  

Voting Members of the PCS

While anyone can serve on a PCS Committee, the voting members of the Commission is comprised of the following positions, which will be elected or appointed as outlined in the PCS Bylaws:

  • Four (4) Staff Commissioners (* indicates a permanent member)
    • Vice President, Admin & Finance*
    • Associate Vice President, Physical Planning & Facilities Management*
    • Sustainability Coordinator*
    • One staff member-at-large
  • Three (3) community commissioners from the following groups
    • Local business community, non-profit sector, NGOs, Community activists, both local and regional government representatives
  • Three (3) student commissioners from the following groups (with* indicating a permanent member)
    • ASI President or designee*
    • Associated Students, Inc. Commissioner for Environmental Justice (or equivalent position)*
    • Member-at-large – undergraduate or graduate student 
  • Eight (8) faculty commissioners
    • Faculty members with an interest, knowledge and commitment to sustainability from across the university; at least one from each academic college and one at-large chosen by the University President