Comprehensive Campus Climate Surveys Report

In Spring 2021, a comprehensive report on the campus climate using data from the Spring 2020 surveys will be issued. This report is a joint effort of the Academic Senate Campus Climate Committee, Academic Senate Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer + Campus Climate as well as the President's Commissions on Equity and Change, Status of Women and Sustainability.

Results will not be reported for any groups/subgroups with 5 or less members and such groups will be prioritized for qualitative data collection.


Timeline description to follow


FALL 2020


Research Collaborative

A Research Collaborative comprised of CSULB students, faculty, staff/administrators, alumni and community affiliates was formed to provide support and guidance on campus climate research efforts. This group is responsible for developing Ethical Use Guidelines and a Data Access Request Process. For the latter, it is anticipated that the earliest requests from students, faculty, and units wishing to engage in supplemental or individual research projects will be reviewed by the Research Collaborative beginning mid-Fall 2021. The forthcoming data request process is modeled after the HERI data request process and grounded in educational research ethics and best practices as outlined by AERA, institutional research best practices set forth by AIR, confidentiality agreements, etc.