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Travel Policy

CSULB Travel Policy for travel beginning on 4-1-2011.

Purpose and Scope

This policy articulates CSULB's requirements related to official University business travel to assure that funds allocated towards travel are appropriately used, properly authorized, supported by a documented business purpose, substantiated by applicable receipts, correctly processed for payments, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


  1. General

    CSU Long Beach pays or reimburses for travel related expenses that are ordinary, reasonable, not extravagant, and necessary to conduct official University business. All expense reimbursements and business travel arrangements must comply with University procedures, prudent accounting practices, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

    This policy applies to all CSULB employees, students, and others traveling on official University business and where the University will be paying for the travel. The terms set forth in an extramural funding agreement govern only when such terms are more limiting than the University travel regulations. The departments, if desired, may adopt more restrictive policies than what is presented here.

    It is expected that University employees will act in an ethical and responsible manner, regardless of whether a particular rule or policy statement addresses a specific situation. Travelers may be held accountable for their conduct under any applicable University policies, procedures, collective bargaining agreements, and/or applicable provisions of the California Education Code. Where the provisions of this policy are in conflict with the collective bargaining agreements pursuant to HEERA, the collective bargaining agreements shall take precedence.

    All Campus travel must comply with Assembly Bill 1887. For more information please see CSU Travel Restrictions - AB 1887

    The University assumes no financial responsibility for expenditures incurred by individuals who fail to adhere to policy.

    Exceptions to this policy must be in writing, documented and approved by the CSULB President, or his/her designee.

  2. Responsibilities

    It is the responsibility of each individual who spends funds related to official University business travel and for each Appropriate Administrator who approves the use of funds related to official business travel, to be aware of and follow this policy and related procedures in effect at the time of travel.

    The Appropriate Administrator is the University employee who has been granted authority, by way of the University delegation of signature authority process, to approve the use of funds.

    The office of the University Controller, Accounts Payable department, will review and audit documents for compliance with policy.

  3. Authorization to Travel

    Authorization to travel must be obtained from Appropriate Administrators within the employee's department as determined by the University’s identified delegation of signature authority. Individuals traveling on official University business are responsible for ensuring they have documented authorization in advance to travel. Employees should review specific procedures with their management.

  4. Travel Related Expenses

    Travelers are expected to utilize CSULB preferred vendors and CSULB negotiated terms and conditions whenever possible. Use of additional waivers and discounts available to governmental employees is strongly encouraged. Travel expenses not directly related to official University business are not reimbursable.

    Reimbursement for approved overnight travel within the continental United States (48 contiguous states) will be made based on actual documented expenses for transportation, lodging and business related expenses (e.g., supplies, copies, etc.). Actual expenses for meals and incidentals will be reimbursed up to a maximum daily limit. The daily limit is published in the CSULB procedures and will be reviewed and adjusted periodically.

    Reimbursement limits for travel to other locations, including Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Possessions and international destinations are determined by length of stay and are provided in the CSULB Travel Procedures.

    Different requirements, as provided in the CSULB Procedures, will be applied to reimbursement of travel lasting less than 24 hours, or for periods beyond 30 days.

    Exceptions for expenditures that are typically non-reimbursable, and arise because of special or unusual circumstances, must be authorized or approved and documented by the Appropriate Administrator.

  5. Miscellaneous

    Any altering of business-related travel for personal convenience is permitted as long as there is no additional cost to the State or loss of productivity.

    It is expected that individuals traveling on University business will take all steps to minimize risk to themselves and the University. This includes utilizing safe transportation and lodging options and acquiring appropriate insurance coverage.

    This policy and the related procedures are to be reviewed and updated periodically by the University Controller’s Office.


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Additional Contacts

Additional Contacts for Travel Policy Inquiries
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Primary Guideline Contact Carol Monson (562) 985-8301
Other Subject Matter Expert Tammy Connors (562) 985-2697