Gem Stacy Acabal '22

Published February 1, 2022

I’m best friends with all the music majors in my cohort, and I admire all the professors I’ve studied under. Financial, performing, and social opportunities have been abundant as well. I’m infinitely grateful for the accomplishments and connections I’ve made here. It has transformed me into the confident artist I am today…Beachside is best side, by the way!

Coming from a performing arts high school, I knew that I had to study both music education and voice performance. Additionally, the tuition couldn’t be outside of my budget. After discussing my future with mentors, I shadowed at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music here at CSULB. I fell in love with the community, the professors, the location, the program, and most importantly—the price tag!

I will continue my post-grad education here at CSULB by working toward my teaching credential. Then, I plan to teach music classes at a K-12 Public School here in Southern California. I’ll continue gigging, teaching private music lessons, and making my own songs at home. Somewhere along the line, I’ll go back for my Master’s, too!

My parents lived impoverished lifestyles in the Philippines. I remember me and my sisters growing up with church donations, too. If my mom and dad hadn’t studied as hard as they did, I wouldn’t be in the United States today. I’d like to give the opportunity of accessible education to all who strive for it. It’s an honor to give back to the universe.