Jazsaii Danner '21

Published April 6, 2021

My Beach experience has been nothing short of amazing. As a transfer student, I knew that my time at The Beach would be limited, so I came into CSULB ready to make the most out of my time. Even though I am a Business Management major, it was at CSULB where I fell in love with marketing. This led me to join all the organizations that I am proud to be a member of today such as The Society of Advanced Management (SAM), where I hold the position of Community Outreach Director, and I am a member of American Marketing Association (AMA), Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) and Black Student Union (BSU). Also, at The Beach I had the privilege of being a part of the College of Business’ Student Center for Professional Development (SCPD) where I had the opportunity to complete the Business Professional Certificate and participate in the Corporate Mentoring Program and the Executive Mentoring Program as a Mentee. I was also able to participate in the Lois J. Swanson Leadership Resource Center’s Leadership Academy and Emerging Leaders program, obtaining a certificate and medallion for the completion of each program, respectively. In the last semester of my junior year, I was able to make one of my dreams come true at CSULB. This dream was to find a way to work in sports. I accomplished this goal at CSULB by becoming a Sports play-by-play intern at 22 West Media on campus. Before I knew it, I was hosting radio shows and play-by-play covering both men’s and women’s sports like basketball, softball, baseball and water polo. After having such great experiences at The Beach, I have seen myself grow in ways I couldn’t imagine. CSULB will always have a special place in my heart. Go Beach!

As a first-generation college student, my college career, like many others, was not easy. I attended Long Beach City College right out of high school. After many years of persevering my way to the finish line, I was able to graduate with the Class of 2018 with an Associate of Science in Business Administration Management. As a Long Beach, CA native, I always knew I wanted to go to Cal State Long Beach. Therefore, upon graduation from LBCC I was honored to be accepted to transfer and continue my education at CSULB. I am so grateful for the education, experiences, and opportunities CSULB gives to their students. I know that my life’s trajectory is on a great path because of attending CSULB.

My life after The Beach is looking exceptional because, while in school, I was able to differentiate myself. I am passionate about all things marketing, sports and giving back to my community. I believe that my career path will take me on a journey in marketing where I will have the ability to focus on all three passions. I look forward to going full-time with my current internship doing social media marketing. I am an incoming Project Management intern at the marketing agency Digitas for the summer of 2021, and am entertaining other potential offers in sports marketing for full-time employment. There is also the potential for me to come back to The Beach for a Masters Degree in Marketing in the future.

I got involved with the myBEACH program and CSULB Alumni because am passionate about the success of students and giving back. Therefore, the best way for me to stay connected to CSULB is to continue to be a part by getting involved as an alumni to have the opportunity to help other students and mentor in the future.