Policy Statement - 86-03 Safety Instruction Verification & Agreement, Policy & Procedures for


The following policy was  recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of February 13, 1986, 
and received the concurrence of the President on February 27, 1986.


        It shall be the policy of California State University, Long Beach to endeavor to ensure instructional conditions which are conducive to the health and safety of its students.  In order to minimize the potential for accidents, students enrolled in specific laboratory activities and fieldwork, courses shall be instructed regarding safety rules, regulations, and practices associated with the use of laboratory materials, machinery, equipment, and other items identified as applicable by the instructor.  the procedures to ensure such safe conditions, which shall be in effect commencing with Fall 1986 semester, are a follows:

1.    Each department, in consultation with the School Dean, shall determine which courses or course sections are to be covered by this policy.  The list of specified courses will be maintained in the School Dean's office and appropriate departmental offices.

2.    Students enrolled in these courses shall be provided with appropriate safety instruction and shall sign a form (see attached) certifying that they have received such instruction.  Faculty members and students will be provided wit a copy of the signed certification form.

3.    Faculty should be able to verify student attendance during session(s) when safety instruction is given.

4.    The signed certification forms shall be maintained in the appropriate departmental office for a period of three years.

5.    Refusal to sign the certification form may lead to withdrawal from the class.  Disagreements involving the request for compliance shall be referred to the appropriate department chair for resolution.


PS 86-03 Attachment (PDF)