Policy Statement - 81-07 Continuing Education Unit, Implementation and Awarding of the


The following policy statement recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of January 29, 1981, and approved by the President on February 24, 1981, is as follows:

I. Authorization

Executive Order No. 255 authorizes each campus to develop and implement policies and procedures for noncredit extension program activities utilizing the Continuing Education Unit as the standard unit of measurement of individual participation. Local policies and procedures regulating the utilization of the Continuing Education Unit shall be consistent with national standards and systemwide requirements provided in Executive Order No. 255.

II. Definition of Continuing Education Unit

A. The Continuing Education Unit is a unit of measurement for noncredit continuing education activities, courses and programs, and non traditional modes of noncredit continuing education activities, including various forms of independent and informal study.

B. One Continuing Education Unit is defined as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. When appropriate, a decimal fractional part of Continuing Education Unit may be awarded, but not less than .5 CEU per program.

In computing the number of Continuing Education Units to be awarded, only the number of complete instructional hours, or the equivalent, shall be considered. (For example, a program involving 18.5 contact hours would award a maximum of 1.8 CEU.) Approval procedures for "equivalent" activities shall be the same as procedures for program instructional approval. CEU may be awarded up to a maximum of 8 hours of instruction per day, assuming that students have no work commitment during the day, and up to a maximum of 4 hours per day, after working hours.


III. Program Qualification

Noncredit extension programs and activities for which individuals may be awarded Continuing Education Units shall satisfy the following criteria:

A. The activity is planned to meet the educational needs of a specific target population whose representatives have had an opportunity for input into the planning process, along with faculty (or other qualified experts approved by the appropriate school or department) and personnel representing the Office of Extended Education.

B. The following program elements are determined during the planning stages and prior to the time the program is approved for implementation: program purposes and objectives; student performance requirements; evaluation procedures suitable for measuring the effectiveness of program design and operation; and the number of contact hours to be recommended for satisfactory completion of performance requirements.

C. The program or activity is of an instructional nature and is sponsored or approved by an academic or administrative unit of the campus most appropriate for determining the quality of program content and resource personnel.

D. Provisions have been made for student registration, which include the gathering of sufficient information from the student to ensure a permanent record of individual participation.

IV. Program Review and Approval Procedure

Program review and approval shall be the responsibility of the most appropriate academic unit. This unit shall determine the quality of program content and resource personnel. The review and approval shall be consistent with procedures utilized in connection with other extended education programs sponsored by the University.

Upon receiving a Program Approval Form the Dean of Extended Education will review the proposed program to determine compliance with CEU policy. The determination of the number of continuing education units to be granted for a particular educational experience is the responsibility of the Dean of Extended Education.

V. Administration

A. Administrative responsibility for all programs/activities awarding the CEU shall rest with the Office of Extended Education.

B. A permanent record of all CEU awarded and all programs for which the awarding of CEU is authorized shall be maintained by the University's Records
Office. The form and content of these records should be consistent with nationally recognized standards for the maintenance of Continuing Education Unit records for students and programs. Procedures for recording CEU shall be established jointly by the University's Records Office and the Office of Extended Education. Recording costs are to be sustained by the Office of Extended Education.

C. On occasions when a program/activity awarding CEU is jointly sponsored by two or more campuses, registration procedures should ensure registration with one campus only, in order to preclude duplicate record-keeping.

VI. Fiscal Management

A. Noncredit continuing education programs and activities administered through Extension for which Continuing Education Units are to be awarded shall be operated in accordance with the policies and procedures governing the Continuing Education Revenue Fund. Revenues derived from such programs and activities shall be deposited in this fund is accordance with existing procedures for revenues derived from self-supporting instructional programs.

B. Fees for such programs shall be determined on the basis of estimated cost per person and will be established by the Dean of Extended Education.

C. In determining the fee for such programs, courses, and activities, costs to be supported by the fee shall be detailed (including the cost of salaries, materials, travel, student services and accommodations, administrative overhead, etc.), and shall specify the number of students expected to enroll in the program. A permanent record of these details shall be maintained in auditable condition.

Effective: Immediately