Faculty Center Advisory Board

Faculty Center Advisory Board


The Faculty Center (FC) strives to cater to needs of all faculty (Lecturer, Tenure-Track, & Tenured Faculty) at all stages of professional careers. It recognizes and acknowledges the broad range and depth of faculty’s varied accomplishments, both individual and collaborative, and solicits ideas and suggestions for activities & initiatives for faculty professional development and social wellbeing. The FC collaborates with other stakeholders to:


  • Promote equitable, inclusive, and high impact practices in pedagogy, scholarly and creative activities, and service
  • Enhance faculty’s pedagogical skills to support student learning and engagement as well as faculty’s knowledge of and strategies for working with diverse students
  • Promote a campus culture of belonging and create a welcoming environment for faculty members to seek both support and community
  • Create a collegial environment of shared purpose and mutual support, and promote a culture of campus collaboration in teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Develop of programs to support different stages of faculty growth and development.
  • Connect faculty growth and development to the university’s mission, goals and strategies.
  • Encourage and support faculty in exploring new roles and developing new research and scholarly activities and services.
  • Celebrate diversity among faculty with the goal of recruiting and retaining faculty who embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

Structure of the Faculty Center (FC) Advisory Board: The FC Advisory Board shall be a standing committee of the Academic Senate and shall have the following membership and duties:

  1. Membership

The Faculty Center Board membership shall be as specified in the Academic Senate Bylaws.


  1. Functions
  • Advice the Faculty Center Director regarding the formulation and implementation of a wide range of programs designed to facilitate the implementation of professional development services that build a community of faculty; assist faculty in enhancing teaching and student learning; facilitate faculty scholarly and creative activities; and promote an ethos of service and civic responsibility among faculty
  • Provide recommendations that will generate activities in areas such as workshops, information sessions, and presentations on instructional improvement, innovative teaching, and syllabus and curriculum development
  • Provide recommendations that facilitate the development of programs and initiatives that will cultivate a culture of classroom innovation; foster an inclusive and engaging classroom climate; and expand access to learning for students of different backgrounds, experiences, affiliations, and abilities
  • Review, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of FC programs and make recommendations on future programs where appropriate.
  • Encourage, assist and serve as liaisons with CSULB colleagues in enhancing faculty awareness and access of resources for faculty and program development.


The Advisory Board meets twice per semester (no more than once per month). Dates and times are decided by Board. Location is the Faculty Center (LIB 301). The Chair of the FC Board shall submit an Annual Report to the Academic Senate.