We have an amazing story to tell. As the home to more than 40,000 students, faculty and staff, and the launch pad for nearly 300,000 alumni, CSULB has a presence and an impact unlike that of any other university in the region. It’s time for The Beach family to claim our contributions, to share our stories and to advertise our achievements. It’s time to DECLARE.

Let me take a step back. As you probably know, public universities have seen a huge shift in funding over the past decade. In this new era, financial sustainability is achieved through income diversification, and fundraising is an important part of that strategy.

DECLARE: The Campaign for CSULB aims to raise a total of $225 million by December 2015, and we are well on our way to achieving this ambitious goal. The campaign has already raised about $200 million—more than half for student support—and as we enter the final and “public” phase of the campaign, we are in a push to raise that last $25 million.

But dollars raised are just one measure of success. The campaign also provides a platform for boosting Beach Pride—for encouraging friends and alumni to reflect on the university’s importance in their lives and then to DECLARE their support and appreciation for The Beach. Although CSULB has long been a major educational, cultural and community resource, in some ways we’re still a well-kept secret. DECLARE gives us a way to strengthen the university’s image, to amplify our messages and to reinforce ties to our stakeholders.

Perhaps most important, this an opportunity to envision an even more amazing future for our university. Think of all we’ve achieved over the past 65 years. And now imagine the possibilities if we can really leverage the power of philanthropy in the years to come. DECLARE: The Campaign for CSULB marks the beginning of this exciting new chapter.      

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support. Go Beach!

Andrea Taylor ’83
Chief Executive Officer