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A Strong Start

When California State University, Long Beach opened its doors (as “Los Angeles-Orange County State College”) to 160 students in 1949, few could have foreseen that, nearly 70 years later, the fledgling college would be a national leader in student-centered education, with an enrollment of well over 35,000 and an applicant pool that is among the largest in the country.

Moving Forward

We are proud of this growth but realize that if we are to build on our momentum and secure our future, we must gain the support of private partners who understand the importance of providing educational experiences of the highest caliber to a large and diverse student body. With help from forward-looking friends and alumni, CSULB will be able to seize new opportunities for growth while staying true to our student-centered mission. Your support and involvement help ensure student access and success; strengthen teaching and research initiatives; and expand and enhance classrooms, laboratories, studios, training rooms, and other key facilities. 

Join Us!

CSULB offers a wide range of inspiring investment opportunities — opportunities to achieve your personal philanthropic goals while advancing an institution you care deeply about. If you would like more information about our campus or programs, please feel free to contact me (or any of our development officers). We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!